Below is a summary of the organisations that the team has given lectures and presentations to over the years.

ForDateDonationYearly Total
2018 Lectures
Lowton Scout Troop
St Thomas of Canterbury RC School
1st Abram Cub Pack
St John Ambulance Cadets, Horwich
Aspull Church Primary School
4th Tyldesley Cub Pack
St John Ambulance Cadets, Wigan
16th Wigan Scout Troop17/04/2018
16th Wigan Cub Pack
16th Wigan Explorer Scouts
Bolton Branch of Parkinsons UK05/06/2018
Ladies Group, Egerton United Reformed Church
7th Bolton Scouts
Chorley Young Farmers

Bolton Ladies Club
Harwood Youth Fellowship
2017 Lectures£557.00
24th/38th Bolton Moorland Beaver Scouts02/03/2017
Age UK Salford: Swinton & Irwell Valley History Group
25th Bolton (Lostock) Cubs21/03/2017£50.00
Lowton Cubs30/03/2017
Ignite Explorer Unit04/04/2017
Manchester West & Didsbury Adult Volunteers, St John Ambulance24/04/2017
7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides04/05/2017
7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides
Bolton Cardiac Support Group16/05/2017£120.00
46th (Ormskirk) Mawdesley Scout Troop
Horwich Parish Primary School15/06/2017
5th Tyldesley Cub Pack05/10/2017
25th Bolton Scout Troop12/10/2017
24th Swinton Cub Pack17/10/2017
1st Turton St Annes Scout Group30/10/2017
292 Squadron Eccles Air Cadets14/11/2017
Christ Church 17th Bolton (Wednesday) Cub Pack
2016 Lectures£932.75
12th Bolton Beaver Scouts22/01/2016£60.00
Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan28/01/2016
Atherton Probus Club28/01/2016£40.00
8th Tyldesley Brownie Pack01/02/2016£30.00
1471 (Horwich) Squadron Air Cadets11/02/2016£20.00
Bolton Wireless Club22/02/2016£35.00
6th Horwich Scout Troop23/02/2016£50.00
Bnos Yisroel School, Salford26/02/2016
1471 (Horwich) Squadron Air Training Cadets03/03/2016£20.00
5th Tyldesley Scout Troop12/04/2016
Anderton St Joseph’s Beavers28/04/2016£35.50
Bolton Detachment Army Cadet Force05/05/2016£100.00
Bolton Detachment Army Cadet Force12/05/2016£100.00
Public Services Students, Bolton College19/05/2016£10.00
Horwich Parish C/E Primary School09/06/2016
Belmont Primary School30/06/2016
Bolton HF Walking Club05/09/2016
Horwich Inner Wheel Club13/09/2016
20th Bolton Scout Troop22/09/2016£50.00
Westhoughton Beaver Scouts29/09/2016£40.00
St Wilfrid’s Grappenhall Scout Troop14/10/2016£29.25
Tyldesley Probus Club27/10/2016£55.00
Horwich, Westhoughton & District 41 Club03/11/2016£50.00
Bromley Cross Women's Institute10/11/2016£168.00
25th Lostock Beaver Scouts
Edgworth Primary School25/11/2016
Lowton St Mary's CE Primary School
2015 Lectures£718.62
5th Cheetham Guides27/01/2015£25.00
Ramsbottom Soroptimists 24/02/2015£300.00
Radcliffe Air Training Corps26/02/2015
Aspull Church School, Aspull, Wigan10/03/2015
4th Tyldesley Cubs10/03/2015
25th Bolton (Lostock) Beavers24/03/2015£40.00
Eagley Junior School26/03/2015
Horwich Women’s Institute13/04/2015£30.00
Bolton Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets17/04/2015
Chorley Ramblers21/04/2015£62.35
Radcliffe Air Training Corps28/04/2015
Belmont Primary School30/04/2015
St Peter’s Smithills Dean Church of England Primary School25/06/2015
Bolton and District Group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists01/09/2015£150.00
Horwich Inner Wheel03/09/2015
Wellfield High School24/09/2015
16th Bolton Scout Troop02/10/2015£61.27
Davyhulme U3A Group26/10/2015£50.00
Parbold Young Farmers Club11/11/2015
Lowton St Mary’s CE Primary School12/11/2015
2014 Lectures£1,239.37
Chorley Young Farmers Club13/01/2014 £50.00
25th Bolton Scouts06/02/2014 £75.00
RL Hughes Primary School13/02/2014
Bolton East Explorer Scouts03/03/2014
Bolton West Stroke Group06/03/2014 £19.91
18th Bolton Cub Pack (Horwich)13/03/2014 £20.00
Eccles Probus Club02/04/2014 £35.00
Rotary Club of Darwen08/04/2014 £250.00
1099 Worsley Squadron Air Training Corps19/05/2014
Longsight Women's Institute13/06/2014 £200.00
Prestwich and Whitefield Townswomen's Guild17/06/2014 £60.96
Lancashire Mountaineering Club, Belmont02/09/2014£70.00
Deane Church Ladies Guild16/09/2014£40.00
Horwich Cadets, St John Ambulance22/09/2014
82nd Blackrod Guides29/09/2014£35.00
St Anne's with St James' Mothers' Union, Turton07/10/2014 £80.00
6th Farnworth St Georges Scouts13/10/2014£20.00
Rotary Club of Radcliffe27/10/2014
17th Bolton (Markland Hill) Scout Troop11/11/2014
Chorley Ramblers AGM18/11/2014£56.00
Christ Church Heaton, Mothers Union and Church Men's Group19/11/2014 £140.50
Wright Street Luncheon Club24/11/2014£37.00
7th Bolton Scout Troop24/11/2014
25th Bolton (Lostock) Cub Pack25/11/2014£50.00
2013 Lectures£1,102.89
Westhoughton Visiting Service21/01/2013
11th Farnworth Guides05/02/2013
Westhoughton Visiting Service26/02/2013 £66.00
6th Horwich Lever Scouts05/03/2013 £50.00
Darwen District Explorer Scouts14/03/2013 £50.00
25th Bolton South Scouts11/04/2013 £50.00
2nd Brooklands Scouts, Sale23/04/2013
St Maxentius Ladies23/04/2013 £127.40
Worsley & Walkden Rotary Clubs30/04/2013 £120.00
St Joseph's Anderton Beavers09/05/2013
New Bury Voluntary Youth Club20/05/2013
7th Bolton North Scout Group23/05/2013
Egerton Ladies Group11/06/2013 £25.00
Flixton Dog Training Club13/06/2013 £230.00
41st Lostock Brownies01/07/2013 £305.00
Bury & Bolton ME/CFS Support Group19/09/2013 £79.49
Year 6, Lowton St. Mary's Primary School26/09/2013
46th Ormskirk (Mawdesley) Scouts26/09/2013
Clevelands Preparatory School02/10/2013
58th Bolton Christ Church Walmsley Guides24/10/2013
Darwen Dashers Running Club14/11/2013
2012 Lectures£1,375.36
Rotary Club of Turton24/01/2012
17th Bolton (Markland Hill) Monday Scouts31/01/2012 £40.00
Heath Charnock Women's Institute08/02/2012 £50.00
RL Hughes Primary School, Wigan09/02/2012
4th Farnworth Scouts06/03/2012 £36.00
Eagley Junior School08/03/2012
7th Bolton North Scouts22/03/2012
Ladybridge Women's Institute13/04/2012 £35.00
1st Upholland Scouts20/04/2012 £59.36
GAP Youth Group, Smithills 23/04/2012
Bolton-le-Moors 41 Club30/04/2012 £25.00
Westhoughton Beaver Scouts03/05/2012
Gregson Lane Dog Training Club10/05/2012 £500.00
Salvation Army Ladies Group15/05/2012 £45.00
7th Bolton North Explorer Scouts24/05/2012
Avondale Primary School, Darwen 14/06/2012
12th Bolton Cub Pack29/06/2012 £100.00
Bolton Division, St John Ambulance17/07/2012
Wellfield Business & Enterprise College Summer School25/07/2012 £100.00
GMP Police Cadets26/07/2012
Glazebury Women's Institute12/09/2012 £30.00
Flixton Dog Training Club18/09/2012 £115.00
Harwood Methodist Ladies Fellowship27/09/2012
20th Bolton Cubs02/10/2012
Hardy Mill Primary School 05/10/2012
St Veronica's RC Primary School, Helmshore 11/10/2012
North Walkden Primary School24/10/2012
St Stephen's Primary School, Elton 30/10/2012
25th Bolton Lostock Beavers13/11/2012 £40.00
5th Bolton West Cub Pack19/11/2012
Harwood Meadows Primary School20/11/2012
Worsley Rotary Club20/11/2012 £200.00
2011 Lectures£1,314.34
GMP K Div Vol Police Cadets28/01/2011
St Peter's Smithills Dean CE School10/02/2011
17th Bolton Tuesday Scouts15/02/2011 £30.00
Kingsbridge Centre of Excellence, Rose Bridge School, Wigan07/03/2011 £160.00
1st Turton Scout Troop08/03/2011 £40.06
Year 6 Gilnow Primary School
35th Bolton E (St Maxentius) Cubs05/04/2011 £50.00
Newton Westpark Primary School, Leigh27/04/2011 £137.11
Rotary Club of Turton05/05/2011 £50.00
Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak
St Peter's Belmont Cub Pack
07/06/2011 £101.17
St Osmund & St Andrew's Primary School
Bolton University Professional Practice Team06/07/2011 £40.00
Wellfield Business & Enterprise College Summer School 26/07/2011 £30.00
GMP Bolton Div Police Cadets
Kings Club, Christ's Church, Harwood02/08/2011
Bolton & District Group, Inst of Advanced Motorists06/09/2011 £115.00
Withnell Fold Women's Institute21/09/2011 £100.00
St Wilfrid's (Grappenhall) Scouts 23/09/2011
Lowton St Mary's Primary School 29/09/2011
25th Bolton (Lostock) Scouts 29/09/2011 £50.00
Hardy Mill Primary School 30/09/2011
All Saints Primary School, Farnworth 13/10/2011
St Andrews Brownies, Bromley Cross
13/10/2011 £200.00
St Cuthbert's Mothers' Union, Darwen14/11/2011 £31.00
Rotary Club of Stretford & Urmston 16/11/2011 £100.00
St William of York Primary School 24/11/2011
Cancer & Us Support Group, Little Hulton29/11/2011 £50.00
Bolton East Explorer Scouts02/12/2011 £30.00
2010 Lectures£1,234.88
Wigan and District Agricultural Discussion Society08/02/2010 £72.00
5th Bolton Cub Scouts09/02/2010 £30.00
17th Bolton Scout Group (Markland Hill)23/02/2010 £30.00
St. Joseph's Cub Scout Pack, Darwen02/03/2010 £25.00
Caravan Club, South Lancs section04/03/2010 £15.00
Little Lever Women's Institute17/03/2010 £70.00
Thursday Group Ladies of Farnworth United Reform Church15/04/2010 £40.00
National Women's Register20/04/2010 £100.00
St Paul's Astley Bridge Men's Guild11/05/2010 £40.00
JIGSAW Bolton Area Stroke Group13/07/2010 £25.00
41st Bolton Lostock Brownies19/07/2010 £160.00
Bolton Branch Parkinson's UK27/07/2010 £100.00
Friends of Roe Green08/09/2010 £82.70
25th Bolton Lostock Beavers21/09/2010 £50.00
Chorley Scout Fellowship11/10/2010 £55.00
18th Bolton (Horwich) Cubs21/10/2010 £20.00
58th Bolton Christ Church Walmsley Guides11/11/2010
24th Swinton Cubs16/11/2010
10th Eccles Scout Troop23/11/2010 £30.00
Bolton Ramblers Group AGM01/12/2010 £125.00
Probus Club of Worsley02/12/2010 £115.18
Rivington Chapel05/12/2010 £50.00
2009 Lectures£1,459.26
7thTyldesley Guides22/01/2009 £50.00
St Johns Church Mens Fellowship27/01/2009 £51.00
Rainford Young Farmers Club02/02/2009
401st Manchester Scout Troop10/02/2009 £52.00
National Women's Register23/02/2009
Allsorts Ladies' Group02/03/2009 £25.00
25th Bolton Beavers03/03/2009 £50.00
6th Horwich Scout Group10/03/2009 £25.00
Bolton over 50 Friendship Centre18/03/2009 £75.24
St Paul's C of E school, Walkden19/03/2009
3rd Farnworth Beavers, Cubs, Scouts19/03/2009 £230.00
6th Worsley Scout Group23/03/2009 £43.00
The Rotary Club of Bolton-le-Moors / District 128025/03/2009 £75.00
Bolton Wireless Club06/04/2009 £25.00
Age Concern Bolton, Fifty Plus Ramblers' AGM16/04/2009 £111.07
St Pauls Church, Astley Bridge, Mens Group21/04/2009 £25.00
Open Door Ladies Group, St Peters Church 06/05/2009 £75.00
5th Bolton Scout Group Beavers 19/05/2009 £50.00
Rainford Young Farmers08/06/2009
Belmont Primary10/06/2009
Gryphon Explorer Scouts, Leigh02/07/2009
25th Bolton, Lostock, Cub Scout Pack07/07/2009
316 (Leigh) Squadron, Air training Corps14/07/2009
Rumworth School15/07/2009
Bolton U3A18/09/2009 £25.00
Aspull and Haigh Women's Institute12/10/2009 £61.95
St Catherine's Church Friendly Hour, Farnworth13/10/2009 £25.00
GMP Volunteer Police Cadets (Bury) 26/10/2009 £10.00
16th Bolton North Cub Pack03/11/2009 £190.00
Thursday Group, United Reform Church of St. Andrew and St. George12/11/2009 £20.00
St John the Evangelist Church Ladies Group17/11/2009 £40.00
6th Bolton (1st Eagley) Scout Group23/11/2009 £25.00
3rdh Farnworth Cubs & Scouts06/12/2009 £100.00
British Red Cross officers14/12/2009
2008 Lectures£601.05
292 squadron Eccles Air Training Corps22/01/2008
Bolton Rotary Club04/02/2008 £50.00
25th Bolton Lostock Scouts07/02/2008
Wigan Gentlemen's Leisure Group19/02/2008 £30.00
GM Army Cadet Force, Bolton Royal Artillery Detachment28/02/2008 £50.00
Pennine Wayfarers25/03/2008 £100.00
St Paul's Church Ladies Group01/04/2008 £35.00
Wigan Women's Friendship Club10/04/2008 £20.00
Friendship Group, Radcliffe URC16/04/2008 £36.05
25th Warrington East Scouts (Grappenhall)18/04/2008
Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley Trefoil Guild24/04/2008 £35.00
Chorley Young Farmers Club28/04/2008
Westhoughton Rotary Club08/05/2008
Thursday Group at the Well08/05/2008
Belthorn Village Party in the Park24/05/2008
Soroptimist International of Bolton03/06/2008
Bolton East District Explorer Scout Unit18/07/2008
Church Fellowship, Central Baptist Church21/07/2008 £15.00
Bolton Cardiac Support20/08/2008 £45.00
5th Tyldesley Scout Group09/09/2008
Bolton Ladies Fundraising Group23/09/2008
Horwich Air Cadets (ATC 1471 Sqn.)29/09/2008
Army Cadet Force, Tyldesley02/10/2008 £20.00
St Margarets Church Mother's Union07/10/2008 £25.00
Ascot Meadow, Bury Home Watch Scheme13/10/2008 £30.00
St Pauls Church, Astley Bridge, Men's Group11/11/2008 £25.00
Sale Trefoil Society25/11/2008 £85.00
Civil Contingencies Network02/12/2008
2007 Lectures£1,683.00
Phillips High School16/01/2007
58th Bolton (Egerton) Guide Unit01/02/2007 £25.00
Wigan Baptists Church Over 60's08/02/2007 £75.00
West Derby Rotary Club, Liverpool01/03/2007 £100.00
Bolton Medical Society06/03/2007 £220.00
3rd Farnworth Cubs & Scouts27/03/2007
Salford Over 50's Walking Group03/04/2007 £100.00
Heaton Womens Institute10/04/2007 £30.00
6th Farnworth (St Georges) Scout Group30/04/2007
Greater Manchester North Scout Centenary Camp, Bibby's Farm26/05/2007
Greater Manchester North Scout Centenary Camp, Bibby's Farm27/05/2007
41st Bolton, Lostock Brownies16/07/2007 £151.00
European Youth/Westhoughton Rotary Club02/08/2007
Coffee Morning Ladies, St Paul's Church14/08/2007 £210.00
Astley Rotary Club - donation to follow14/08/2007
Mothers' Union, St Stephen's Church, Bury
05/09/2007 £20.00
Bolton Lever Rotary Club26/09/2007 £500.00
17th Bolton Scout Group (Markland Hill)01/10/2007
Lower Darwen Scout Group11/10/2007
25th Bolton South Beaver Scouts30/10/2007 £100.00
St Margaret's Ladies Fellowship Group06/11/2007 £32.00
Rose Bridge High School pupils, Wigan27/11/2007 £20.00
St Peter's Halliwell Men's Group07/12/2007 £50.00
Rotary Daybreak Club12/12/2007 £50.00
2006 Lectures£508.76
Great Lever Rotary Club08/02/2006
Westhoughton Rotary Club09/03/2006 £100.00
St. John Ambulance, Tyldesley20/03/2006
St. Stephen's Primary School, Bury22/03/2006 £53.76
Worsley Women's Guild03/04/2006 £30.00
GMP Cadets Leigh02/05/2006
Salford College, Worsley Campus17/05/2006
25th Bolton Cubs17/06/2006
Lostock Cubs25/06/2006
GMP Cadets26/06/2006
Tuesday Club, Sale03/08/2006 £70.00
Scout Group31/10/2006
Charnock Richard Rambling Club10/11/2006 £150.00
Open Door, Horwich Holy Trinity16/11/2006 £55.00
Army Cadet Force, Tyldesley21/11/2006 £50.00
2005 Lectures£762.42
Wigan IAM11/01/2005 £59.00
Horwich Health & Social Studies group31/01/2005 £20.00
First Wednesday Group, Tyldesley methodist Group02/02/2005 £25.00
1st Ashton Scouts08/02/2005 £30.00
GMP Bolton Police Cadets22/02/2005
Lymm Crusing Club01/03/2005 £30.00
10th Radcliffe Scouts10/03/2005
10th Radcliffe Scouts17/03/2005
12th Bury Scouts & Cubs18/03/2005 £40.00
Ladies Evening Fellowship Methodist Church Swinton13/04/2005 £20.00
Horwich Air Cadets (ATC 1471 Sqn.)21/04/2005
1st Turton (St. Anns) Cub Scouts25/04/2005 £20.42
Women's Institute, Over Hulton Conservative Club09/05/2005
GMP Wigan Div. Police Cadets09/05/2005
Men's Fellowship, Burtonwood01/06/2005 £40.00
St Simons & St Jude Church, Womens Fellowship.07/06/2005 £60.00
Winstanley & Highfield Rotary Club, Wigan13/06/2005 £80.00
Smithills School DoE20/06/2005 £20.00
Winton Garden Club11/07/2005 £93.00
25th Bolton South Scouts21/07/2005 £10.00
Institute of Advanced Motorists, Bolton02/08/2005 £60.00
St John Ambulance (Radcliffe)20/09/2005
Trefoil Guild Bolton18/10/2005 £25.00
GMP Police Cadets01/11/2005
British Horse Society29/11/2005 £100.00
5th Bolton Scouts30/11/2005 £30.00
2004 Lectures£545.00
Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton07/01/2004
Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton09/01/2004
Urmston Probus Club04/02/2004 £70.00
Harwood Ladies Register09/02/2004 £25.00
Egerton Ladies Group10/02/2004 £20.00
Kendricks Cross (Rainhill) WI24/02/2004 £50.00
25th Warrington East Scouts05/03/2004 £30.00
Horwich ATC18/03/2004
Wigan District Scouts20/03/2004 £35.00
3rd Farnworth Scouts25/03/2004 £20.00
Horwich Rotary22/04/2004 £50.00
5th Bolton Cubs26/04/2004 £25.00
GMP 'L' Div10/05/2004
St Johns Church, Horwich.25/05/2004 £5.00
35th East Bolton Scouts22/06/2004 £20.00
Hardy Hill Nursey School, Harwood22/06/2004
Coney Green Technical College23/06/2004 £30.00
Astley Rotary Club13/07/2004 £50.00
80 Sqn, Bolton, A.T. C.24/08/2004
St Philips C Of E Primary School08/09/2004
25th Bolton Beaver Scouts21/09/2004
35th Bolton East Scouts01/10/2004
Rainhill Townwomens Guild05/10/2004 £25.00
Red Lane Ladies Fellowship, Bolton20/10/2004
Christ Church, Leigh08/11/2004 £30.00
Inner Wheel of Bolton-Le-Moors15/11/2004 £30.00
Davyhulme Over 50's Club22/11/2004 £30.00
25th Warrington East Scouts26/11/2004
2003 Lectures£633.41
Lancashire Caving & Climbing Club07/01/2003
4th Farnworth Scout Group17/01/2003 £29.00
12th Bury Scout Group07/02/2003 £40.00
17th Christchurch Scout Group13/02/2003 £30.00
Christ Church Luncheon Club, Heaton21/02/2003 £90.01
Altrincham & Ringway 41 Club24/02/2003 £30.00
Quay Explorer Scouts, Swinton25/02/2003
3rd Hindley Venture Scouts03/03/2003
Darwen District Explorer Scout Unit13/03/2003 £25.00
St Andrews, Mothers Union18/03/2003 £10.00
9th Radcliffe Scouts20/03/2003 £5.00
1st Ashton Scouts25/03/2003 £20.00
17th Bolton Scout Group31/03/2003 £25.00
IMECHE, Swallow Hotel, Samlesbury11/04/2003 £100.00
Horwich Parish Play Centre22/04/2003
Wednesday Womens Group, Tonge Fold30/04/2003 £20.00
St Paul's Mens Guild, Astley Bridge13/05/2003 £43.00
GMP L Div Police Cadets09/06/2003
St Philips C of E School
Deane Ladies Guild01/07/2003
Walkden Rotary Club08/07/2003
Westhoughton Inner Wheel Ladies22/07/2003 £20.00
St John Ambulance, Tyldesley15/09/2003
Ashton Rotary Club29/09/2003
St Marie's School, Standish10/10/2003
Monday Nighters Adlington13/10/2003 £36.40
St Catherines Ladies Fellowship, Horwich.23/10/2003 £100.00
St Annes with St James Mothers Union05/11/2003 £10.00
Christ's Church Beavers, Harwood14/11/2003
Turton Young Farmers24/11/2003
2002 Lectures£466.70
St Andrews Guides07/02/2002 £25.00
St Peters Youth Club21/02/2002
Soroptimist Int Standish Golf Club25/02/2002
Ainsworth Social Club26/02/2002 £15.00
St John Ambulance (Radcliffe)19/03/2002
9th Warrington Scout Group11/04/2002
Age Concern 50+ Walking Club (Bolton)18/04/2002 £50.00
78th Bolton Walmsley Cubs30/04/2002 £52.00
Warrington College23/05/2002
6th Farnworth St Georges Cubs27/05/2002
Swinton & Worsley Ranger Guides28/05/2002
Gidlow Ladies Fellowship19/06/2002 £43.20
St Philips C of E School27/06/2002
Belmont Over 60's club03/07/2002 £41.00
Bury Ladies Luncheon Club12/08/2002 £25.00
Altrincham Tangent Club11/09/2002 £25.00
St Phillips C of E School16/09/2002
Horwich Air Cadets26/09/2002
25th Bolton Scout Troop03/10/2002
St John Ambulance Brigade, Astley Bridge22/10/2002 £35.00
Stretford Probus Club04/11/2002 £25.00
Wesley Guild Kearsley12/11/2002 £30.00
Trafford Geranium Group13/11/2002 £20.00
Ladies of the Candlemass, Blackburn Cathedral18/11/2002 £55.50
Boothstown Ladies Group27/11/2002 £25.00
2001 Lectures£865.50
Belmont Women's Institute11/01/2001 £55.00
Bolton CHA Group.30/01/2001 £117.10
Man & Scythe Social Circle05/02/2001 £15.00
Clifton Monday Club12/02/2001 £61.40
17th Bolton Cub Scout Group14/02/2001 £25.00
Bolton Probus Club.15/03/2001 £15.00
Little Hulton 999 Club27/03/2001 £25.00
Bolton Royal Artillery Army Cadets29/03/2001 £35.00
St Helens Ramblers27/04/2001 £75.00
Winton Garden Club14/05/2001 £40.00
11th Worsley Cub Scout Group23/05/2001 £15.00
35th Bradshaw Cub Scout Pack12/06/2001 £15.00
75th Bolton Brownie Pack19/06/2001 £100.00
Smithills Townswomen Guild28/06/2001 £46.00
5th Bolton Cubs02/07/2001 £50.00
Rainford Women's Institute11/07/2001 £20.00
Epilesy Self Help Group17/07/2001 £20.00
Bolton Ostomy Association05/09/2001 £11.00
Atherton Rotary Club25/09/2001 £30.00
Bolton Rotary Club26/09/2001 £25.00
Ladies Guild of St Andrew & St Georges11/10/2001
Gorse Covert Primary School, Warrington15/10/2001
Beaver Group Holy Trinity Horwich13/11/2001
Men's Society of Christ Church & Mothers Union of Christ Church21/11/2001 £60.00
St Andrews & St Georges Thursday Circle22/11/2001 £10.00