Below is a summary of the organisations that the team has given lectures and presentations to over the years.

ForDateDonationYearly Total
2017 Lectures£407.00
24th/38th Bolton Moorland Beaver Scouts02/03/2017
Age UK Salford: Swinton & Irwell Valley History Group
25th Bolton (Lostock) Cubs21/03/2017£50.00
Lowton Cubs30/03/2017
Ignite Explorer Unit04/04/2017
Manchester West & Didsbury Adult Volunteers, St John Ambulance24/04/2017
7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides04/05/2017
7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides
Bolton Cardiac Support Group16/05/2017£120.00
46th (Ormskirk) Mawdesley Scout Troop
Horwich Parish Primary School15/06/2017
Darwen District Explorer Scouts28/09/2017
5th Tyldesley Cub Pack05/10/2017
25th Bolton Scout Troop12/10/2017
24th Swinton Cub Pack17/10/2017
292 Squadron Eccles Air Cadets14/11/2017
2016 Lectures£932.75
12th Bolton Beaver Scouts22/01/2016£60.00
Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan28/01/2016
Atherton Probus Club28/01/2016£40.00
8th Tyldesley Brownie Pack01/02/2016£30.00
1471 (Horwich) Squadron Air Cadets11/02/2016£20.00
Bolton Wireless Club22/02/2016£35.00
6th Horwich Scout Troop23/02/2016£50.00
Bnos Yisroel School, Salford26/02/2016
1471 (Horwich) Squadron Air Training Cadets03/03/2016£20.00
5th Tyldesley Scout Troop12/04/2016
Anderton St Joseph’s Beavers28/04/2016£35.50
Bolton Detachment Army Cadet Force05/05/2016£100.00
Bolton Detachment Army Cadet Force12/05/2016£100.00
Public Services Students, Bolton College19/05/2016£10.00
Horwich Parish C/E Primary School09/06/2016
Belmont Primary School30/06/2016
Bolton HF Walking Club05/09/2016
Horwich Inner Wheel Club13/09/2016
20th Bolton Scout Troop22/09/2016£50.00
Westhoughton Beaver Scouts29/09/2016£40.00
St Wilfrid’s Grappenhall Scout Troop14/10/2016£29.25
Tyldesley Probus Club27/10/2016£55.00
Horwich, Westhoughton & District 41 Club03/11/2016£50.00
Bromley Cross Women's Institute10/11/2016£168.00
25th Lostock Beaver Scouts
Edgworth Primary School25/11/2016
Lowton St Mary's CE Primary School
2015 Lectures£718.62
5th Cheetham Guides27/01/2015£25.00
Ramsbottom Soroptimists 24/02/2015£300.00
Radcliffe Air Training Corps26/02/2015
Aspull Church School, Aspull, Wigan10/03/2015
4th Tyldesley Cubs10/03/2015
25th Bolton (Lostock) Beavers24/03/2015£40.00
Eagley Junior School26/03/2015
Horwich Women’s Institute13/04/2015£30.00
Bolton Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets17/04/2015
Chorley Ramblers21/04/2015£62.35
Radcliffe Air Training Corps28/04/2015
Belmont Primary School30/04/2015
St Peter’s Smithills Dean Church of England Primary School25/06/2015
Bolton and District Group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists01/09/2015£150.00
Horwich Inner Wheel03/09/2015
Wellfield High School24/09/2015
16th Bolton Scout Troop02/10/2015£61.27
Davyhulme U3A Group26/10/2015£50.00
Parbold Young Farmers Club11/11/2015
Lowton St Mary’s CE Primary School12/11/2015
2014 Lectures£1,239.37
Chorley Young Farmers Club13/01/2014 £50.00
25th Bolton Scouts06/02/2014 £75.00
RL Hughes Primary School13/02/2014
Bolton East Explorer Scouts03/03/2014
Bolton West Stroke Group06/03/2014 £19.91
18th Bolton Cub Pack (Horwich)13/03/2014 £20.00
Eccles Probus Club02/04/2014 £35.00
Rotary Club of Darwen08/04/2014 £250.00
1099 Worsley Squadron Air Training Corps19/05/2014
Longsight Women's Institute13/06/2014 £200.00
Prestwich and Whitefield Townswomen's Guild17/06/2014 £60.96
Lancashire Mountaineering Club, Belmont02/09/2014£70.00
Deane Church Ladies Guild16/09/2014£40.00
Horwich Cadets, St John Ambulance22/09/2014
82nd Blackrod Guides29/09/2014£35.00
St Anne's with St James' Mothers' Union, Turton07/10/2014 £80.00
6th Farnworth St Georges Scouts13/10/2014£20.00
Rotary Club of Radcliffe27/10/2014
17th Bolton (Markland Hill) Scout Troop11/11/2014
Chorley Ramblers AGM18/11/2014£56.00
Christ Church Heaton, Mothers Union and Church Men's Group19/11/2014 £140.50
Wright Street Luncheon Club24/11/2014£37.00
7th Bolton Scout Troop24/11/2014
25th Bolton (Lostock) Cub Pack25/11/2014£50.00
2013 Lectures£1,102.89
Westhoughton Visiting Service21/01/2013
11th Farnworth Guides05/02/2013
Westhoughton Visiting Service26/02/2013 £66.00
6th Horwich Lever Scouts05/03/2013 £50.00
Darwen District Explorer Scouts14/03/2013 £50.00
25th Bolton South Scouts11/04/2013 £50.00
2nd Brooklands Scouts, Sale23/04/2013
St Maxentius Ladies23/04/2013 £127.40
Worsley & Walkden Rotary Clubs30/04/2013 £120.00
St Joseph's Anderton Beavers09/05/2013
New Bury Voluntary Youth Club20/05/2013
7th Bolton North Scout Group23/05/2013
Egerton Ladies Group11/06/2013 £25.00
Flixton Dog Training Club13/06/2013 £230.00
41st Lostock Brownies01/07/2013 £305.00
Bury & Bolton ME/CFS Support Group19/09/2013 £79.49
Year 6, Lowton St. Mary's Primary School26/09/2013
46th Ormskirk (Mawdesley) Scouts26/09/2013
Clevelands Preparatory School02/10/2013
58th Bolton Christ Church Walmsley Guides24/10/2013
Darwen Dashers Running Club14/11/2013
2012 Lectures£1,375.36
Rotary Club of Turton24/01/2012
17th Bolton (Markland Hill) Monday Scouts31/01/2012 £40.00
Heath Charnock Women's Institute08/02/2012 £50.00
RL Hughes Primary School, Wigan09/02/2012
4th Farnworth Scouts06/03/2012 £36.00
Eagley Junior School08/03/2012
7th Bolton North Scouts22/03/2012
Ladybridge Women's Institute13/04/2012 £35.00
1st Upholland Scouts20/04/2012 £59.36
GAP Youth Group, Smithills 23/04/2012
Bolton-le-Moors 41 Club30/04/2012 £25.00
Westhoughton Beaver Scouts03/05/2012
Gregson Lane Dog Training Club10/05/2012 £500.00
Salvation Army Ladies Group15/05/2012 £45.00
7th Bolton North Explorer Scouts24/05/2012
Avondale Primary School, Darwen 14/06/2012
12th Bolton Cub Pack29/06/2012 £100.00
Bolton Division, St John Ambulance17/07/2012
Wellfield Business & Enterprise College Summer School25/07/2012 £100.00
GMP Police Cadets26/07/2012
Glazebury Women's Institute12/09/2012 £30.00
Flixton Dog Training Club18/09/2012 £115.00
Harwood Methodist Ladies Fellowship27/09/2012
20th Bolton Cubs02/10/2012
Hardy Mill Primary School 05/10/2012
St Veronica's RC Primary School, Helmshore 11/10/2012
North Walkden Primary School24/10/2012
St Stephen's Primary School, Elton 30/10/2012
25th Bolton Lostock Beavers13/11/2012 £40.00
5th Bolton West Cub Pack19/11/2012
Harwood Meadows Primary School20/11/2012
Worsley Rotary Club20/11/2012 £200.00
2011 Lectures£1,314.34
GMP K Div Vol Police Cadets28/01/2011
St Peter's Smithills Dean CE School10/02/2011
17th Bolton Tuesday Scouts15/02/2011 £30.00
Kingsbridge Centre of Excellence, Rose Bridge School, Wigan07/03/2011 £160.00
1st Turton Scout Troop08/03/2011 £40.06
Year 6 Gilnow Primary School
35th Bolton E (St Maxentius) Cubs05/04/2011 £50.00
Newton Westpark Primary School, Leigh27/04/2011 £137.11
Rotary Club of Turton05/05/2011 £50.00
Rotary Club of Bolton Daybreak
St Peter's Belmont Cub Pack
07/06/2011 £101.17
St Osmund & St Andrew's Primary School
Bolton University Professional Practice Team06/07/2011 £40.00
Wellfield Business & Enterprise College Summer School 26/07/2011 £30.00
GMP Bolton Div Police Cadets
Kings Club, Christ's Church, Harwood02/08/2011
Bolton & District Group, Inst of Advanced Motorists06/09/2011 £115.00
Withnell Fold Women's Institute21/09/2011 £100.00
St Wilfrid's (Grappenhall) Scouts 23/09/2011
Lowton St Mary's Primary School 29/09/2011
25th Bolton (Lostock) Scouts 29/09/2011 £50.00
Hardy Mill Primary School 30/09/2011
All Saints Primary School, Farnworth 13/10/2011
St Andrews Brownies, Bromley Cross
13/10/2011 £200.00
St Cuthbert's Mothers' Union, Darwen14/11/2011 £31.00
Rotary Club of Stretford & Urmston 16/11/2011 £100.00
St William of York Primary School 24/11/2011
Cancer & Us Support Group, Little Hulton29/11/2011 £50.00
Bolton East Explorer Scouts02/12/2011 £30.00
2010 Lectures£1,234.88
Wigan and District Agricultural Discussion Society08/02/2010 £72.00
5th Bolton Cub Scouts09/02/2010 £30.00
17th Bolton Scout Group (Markland Hill)23/02/2010 £30.00
St. Joseph's Cub Scout Pack, Darwen02/03/2010 £25.00
Caravan Club, South Lancs section04/03/2010 £15.00
Little Lever Women's Institute17/03/2010 £70.00
Thursday Group Ladies of Farnworth United Reform Church15/04/2010 £40.00
National Women's Register20/04/2010 £100.00
St Paul's Astley Bridge Men's Guild11/05/2010 £40.00
JIGSAW Bolton Area Stroke Group13/07/2010 £25.00
41st Bolton Lostock Brownies19/07/2010 £160.00
Bolton Branch Parkinson's UK27/07/2010 £100.00
Friends of Roe Green08/09/2010 £82.70
25th Bolton Lostock Beavers21/09/2010 £50.00
Chorley Scout Fellowship11/10/2010 £55.00
18th Bolton (Horwich) Cubs21/10/2010 £20.00
58th Bolton Christ Church Walmsley Guides11/11/2010
24th Swinton Cubs16/11/2010
10th Eccles Scout Troop23/11/2010 £30.00
Bolton Ramblers Group AGM01/12/2010 £125.00
Probus Club of Worsley02/12/2010 £115.18
Rivington Chapel05/12/2010 £50.00
2009 Lectures£1,459.26
7thTyldesley Guides22/01/2009 £50.00
St Johns Church Mens Fellowship27/01/2009 £51.00
Rainford Young Farmers Club02/02/2009
401st Manchester Scout Troop10/02/2009 £52.00
National Women's Register23/02/2009
Allsorts Ladies' Group02/03/2009 £25.00
25th Bolton Beavers03/03/2009 £50.00
6th Horwich Scout Group10/03/2009 £25.00
Bolton over 50 Friendship Centre18/03/2009 £75.24
St Paul's C of E school, Walkden19/03/2009
3rd Farnworth Beavers, Cubs, Scouts19/03/2009 £230.00
6th Worsley Scout Group23/03/2009 £43.00
The Rotary Club of Bolton-le-Moors / District 128025/03/2009 £75.00
Bolton Wireless Club06/04/2009 £25.00
Age Concern Bolton, Fifty Plus Ramblers' AGM16/04/2009 £111.07
St Pauls Church, Astley Bridge, Mens Group21/04/2009 £25.00
Open Door Ladies Group, St Peters Church 06/05/2009 £75.00
5th Bolton Scout Group Beavers 19/05/2009 £50.00
Rainford Young Farmers08/06/2009
Belmont Primary10/06/2009
Gryphon Explorer Scouts, Leigh02/07/2009
25th Bolton, Lostock, Cub Scout Pack07/07/2009
316 (Leigh) Squadron, Air training Corps14/07/2009
Rumworth School15/07/2009
Bolton U3A18/09/2009 £25.00
Aspull and Haigh Women's Institute12/10/2009 £61.95
St Catherine's Church Friendly Hour, Farnworth13/10/2009 £25.00
GMP Volunteer Police Cadets (Bury) 26/10/2009 £10.00
16th Bolton North Cub Pack03/11/2009 £190.00
Thursday Group, United Reform Church of St. Andrew and St. George12/11/2009 £20.00
St John the Evangelist Church Ladies Group17/11/2009 £40.00
6th Bolton (1st Eagley) Scout Group23/11/2009 £25.00
3rdh Farnworth Cubs & Scouts06/12/2009 £100.00
British Red Cross officers14/12/2009
2008 Lectures£601.05
292 squadron Eccles Air Training Corps22/01/2008
Bolton Rotary Club04/02/2008 £50.00
25th Bolton Lostock Scouts07/02/2008
Wigan Gentlemen's Leisure Group19/02/2008 £30.00
GM Army Cadet Force, Bolton Royal Artillery Detachment28/02/2008 £50.00
Pennine Wayfarers25/03/2008 £100.00
St Paul's Church Ladies Group01/04/2008 £35.00
Wigan Women's Friendship Club10/04/2008 £20.00
Friendship Group, Radcliffe URC16/04/2008 £36.05
25th Warrington East Scouts (Grappenhall)18/04/2008
Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley Trefoil Guild24/04/2008 £35.00
Chorley Young Farmers Club28/04/2008
Westhoughton Rotary Club08/05/2008
Thursday Group at the Well08/05/2008
Belthorn Village Party in the Park24/05/2008
Soroptimist International of Bolton03/06/2008
Bolton East District Explorer Scout Unit18/07/2008
Church Fellowship, Central Baptist Church21/07/2008 £15.00
Bolton Cardiac Support20/08/2008 £45.00
5th Tyldesley Scout Group09/09/2008
Bolton Ladies Fundraising Group23/09/2008
Horwich Air Cadets (ATC 1471 Sqn.)29/09/2008
Army Cadet Force, Tyldesley02/10/2008 £20.00
St Margarets Church Mother's Union07/10/2008 £25.00
Ascot Meadow, Bury Home Watch Scheme13/10/2008 £30.00
St Pauls Church, Astley Bridge, Men's Group11/11/2008 £25.00
Sale Trefoil Society25/11/2008 £85.00
Civil Contingencies Network02/12/2008
2007 Lectures£1,683.00
Phillips High School16/01/2007
58th Bolton (Egerton) Guide Unit01/02/2007 £25.00
Wigan Baptists Church Over 60's08/02/2007 £75.00
West Derby Rotary Club, Liverpool01/03/2007 £100.00
Bolton Medical Society06/03/2007 £220.00
3rd Farnworth Cubs & Scouts27/03/2007
Salford Over 50's Walking Group03/04/2007 £100.00
Heaton Womens Institute10/04/2007 £30.00
6th Farnworth (St Georges) Scout Group30/04/2007
Greater Manchester North Scout Centenary Camp, Bibby's Farm26/05/2007
Greater Manchester North Scout Centenary Camp, Bibby's Farm27/05/2007
41st Bolton, Lostock Brownies16/07/2007 £151.00
European Youth/Westhoughton Rotary Club02/08/2007
Coffee Morning Ladies, St Paul's Church14/08/2007 £210.00
Astley Rotary Club - donation to follow14/08/2007
Mothers' Union, St Stephen's Church, Bury
05/09/2007 £20.00
Bolton Lever Rotary Club26/09/2007 £500.00
17th Bolton Scout Group (Markland Hill)01/10/2007
Lower Darwen Scout Group11/10/2007
25th Bolton South Beaver Scouts30/10/2007 £100.00
St Margaret's Ladies Fellowship Group06/11/2007 £32.00
Rose Bridge High School pupils, Wigan27/11/2007 £20.00
St Peter's Halliwell Men's Group07/12/2007 £50.00
Rotary Daybreak Club12/12/2007 £50.00
2006 Lectures£508.76
Great Lever Rotary Club08/02/2006
Westhoughton Rotary Club09/03/2006 £100.00
St. John Ambulance, Tyldesley20/03/2006
St. Stephen's Primary School, Bury22/03/2006 £53.76
Worsley Women's Guild03/04/2006 £30.00
GMP Cadets Leigh02/05/2006
Salford College, Worsley Campus17/05/2006
25th Bolton Cubs17/06/2006
Lostock Cubs25/06/2006
GMP Cadets26/06/2006
Tuesday Club, Sale03/08/2006 £70.00
Scout Group31/10/2006
Charnock Richard Rambling Club10/11/2006 £150.00
Open Door, Horwich Holy Trinity16/11/2006 £55.00
Army Cadet Force, Tyldesley21/11/2006 £50.00
2005 Lectures£762.42
Wigan IAM11/01/2005 £59.00
Horwich Health & Social Studies group31/01/2005 £20.00
First Wednesday Group, Tyldesley methodist Group02/02/2005 £25.00
1st Ashton Scouts08/02/2005 £30.00
GMP Bolton Police Cadets22/02/2005
Lymm Crusing Club01/03/2005 £30.00
10th Radcliffe Scouts10/03/2005
10th Radcliffe Scouts17/03/2005
12th Bury Scouts & Cubs18/03/2005 £40.00
Ladies Evening Fellowship Methodist Church Swinton13/04/2005 £20.00
Horwich Air Cadets (ATC 1471 Sqn.)21/04/2005
1st Turton (St. Anns) Cub Scouts25/04/2005 £20.42
Women's Institute, Over Hulton Conservative Club09/05/2005
GMP Wigan Div. Police Cadets09/05/2005
Men's Fellowship, Burtonwood01/06/2005 £40.00
St Simons & St Jude Church, Womens Fellowship.07/06/2005 £60.00
Winstanley & Highfield Rotary Club, Wigan13/06/2005 £80.00
Smithills School DoE20/06/2005 £20.00
Winton Garden Club11/07/2005 £93.00
25th Bolton South Scouts21/07/2005 £10.00
Institute of Advanced Motorists, Bolton02/08/2005 £60.00
St John Ambulance (Radcliffe)20/09/2005
Trefoil Guild Bolton18/10/2005 £25.00
GMP Police Cadets01/11/2005
British Horse Society29/11/2005 £100.00
5th Bolton Scouts30/11/2005 £30.00
2004 Lectures£545.00
Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton07/01/2004
Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton09/01/2004
Urmston Probus Club04/02/2004 £70.00
Harwood Ladies Register09/02/2004 £25.00
Egerton Ladies Group10/02/2004 £20.00
Kendricks Cross (Rainhill) WI24/02/2004 £50.00
25th Warrington East Scouts05/03/2004 £30.00
Horwich ATC18/03/2004
Wigan District Scouts20/03/2004 £35.00
3rd Farnworth Scouts25/03/2004 £20.00
Horwich Rotary22/04/2004 £50.00
5th Bolton Cubs26/04/2004 £25.00
GMP 'L' Div10/05/2004
St Johns Church, Horwich.25/05/2004 £5.00
35th East Bolton Scouts22/06/2004 £20.00
Hardy Hill Nursey School, Harwood22/06/2004
Coney Green Technical College23/06/2004 £30.00
Astley Rotary Club13/07/2004 £50.00
80 Sqn, Bolton, A.T. C.24/08/2004
St Philips C Of E Primary School08/09/2004
25th Bolton Beaver Scouts21/09/2004
35th Bolton East Scouts01/10/2004
Rainhill Townwomens Guild05/10/2004 £25.00
Red Lane Ladies Fellowship, Bolton20/10/2004
Christ Church, Leigh08/11/2004 £30.00
Inner Wheel of Bolton-Le-Moors15/11/2004 £30.00
Davyhulme Over 50's Club22/11/2004 £30.00
25th Warrington East Scouts26/11/2004
2003 Lectures£633.41
Lancashire Caving & Climbing Club07/01/2003
4th Farnworth Scout Group17/01/2003 £29.00
12th Bury Scout Group07/02/2003 £40.00
17th Christchurch Scout Group13/02/2003 £30.00
Christ Church Luncheon Club, Heaton21/02/2003 £90.01
Altrincham & Ringway 41 Club24/02/2003 £30.00
Quay Explorer Scouts, Swinton25/02/2003
3rd Hindley Venture Scouts03/03/2003
Darwen District Explorer Scout Unit13/03/2003 £25.00
St Andrews, Mothers Union18/03/2003 £10.00
9th Radcliffe Scouts20/03/2003 £5.00
1st Ashton Scouts25/03/2003 £20.00
17th Bolton Scout Group31/03/2003 £25.00
IMECHE, Swallow Hotel, Samlesbury11/04/2003 £100.00
Horwich Parish Play Centre22/04/2003
Wednesday Womens Group, Tonge Fold30/04/2003 £20.00
St Paul's Mens Guild, Astley Bridge13/05/2003 £43.00
GMP L Div Police Cadets09/06/2003
St Philips C of E School
Deane Ladies Guild01/07/2003
Walkden Rotary Club08/07/2003
Westhoughton Inner Wheel Ladies22/07/2003 £20.00
St John Ambulance, Tyldesley15/09/2003
Ashton Rotary Club29/09/2003
St Marie's School, Standish10/10/2003
Monday Nighters Adlington13/10/2003 £36.40
St Catherines Ladies Fellowship, Horwich.23/10/2003 £100.00
St Annes with St James Mothers Union05/11/2003 £10.00
Christ's Church Beavers, Harwood14/11/2003
Turton Young Farmers24/11/2003
2002 Lectures£466.70
St Andrews Guides07/02/2002 £25.00
St Peters Youth Club21/02/2002
Soroptimist Int Standish Golf Club25/02/2002
Ainsworth Social Club26/02/2002 £15.00
St John Ambulance (Radcliffe)19/03/2002
9th Warrington Scout Group11/04/2002
Age Concern 50+ Walking Club (Bolton)18/04/2002 £50.00
78th Bolton Walmsley Cubs30/04/2002 £52.00
Warrington College23/05/2002
6th Farnworth St Georges Cubs27/05/2002
Swinton & Worsley Ranger Guides28/05/2002
Gidlow Ladies Fellowship19/06/2002 £43.20
St Philips C of E School27/06/2002
Belmont Over 60's club03/07/2002 £41.00
Bury Ladies Luncheon Club12/08/2002 £25.00
Altrincham Tangent Club11/09/2002 £25.00
St Phillips C of E School16/09/2002
Horwich Air Cadets26/09/2002
25th Bolton Scout Troop03/10/2002
St John Ambulance Brigade, Astley Bridge22/10/2002 £35.00
Stretford Probus Club04/11/2002 £25.00
Wesley Guild Kearsley12/11/2002 £30.00
Trafford Geranium Group13/11/2002 £20.00
Ladies of the Candlemass, Blackburn Cathedral18/11/2002 £55.50
Boothstown Ladies Group27/11/2002 £25.00
2001 Lectures£865.50
Belmont Women's Institute11/01/2001 £55.00
Bolton CHA Group.30/01/2001 £117.10
Man & Scythe Social Circle05/02/2001 £15.00
Clifton Monday Club12/02/2001 £61.40
17th Bolton Cub Scout Group14/02/2001 £25.00
Bolton Probus Club.15/03/2001 £15.00
Little Hulton 999 Club27/03/2001 £25.00
Bolton Royal Artillery Army Cadets29/03/2001 £35.00
St Helens Ramblers27/04/2001 £75.00
Winton Garden Club14/05/2001 £40.00
11th Worsley Cub Scout Group23/05/2001 £15.00
35th Bradshaw Cub Scout Pack12/06/2001 £15.00
75th Bolton Brownie Pack19/06/2001 £100.00
Smithills Townswomen Guild28/06/2001 £46.00
5th Bolton Cubs02/07/2001 £50.00
Rainford Women's Institute11/07/2001 £20.00
Epilesy Self Help Group17/07/2001 £20.00
Bolton Ostomy Association05/09/2001 £11.00
Atherton Rotary Club25/09/2001 £30.00
Bolton Rotary Club26/09/2001 £25.00
Ladies Guild of St Andrew & St Georges11/10/2001
Gorse Covert Primary School, Warrington15/10/2001
Beaver Group Holy Trinity Horwich13/11/2001
Men's Society of Christ Church & Mothers Union of Christ Church21/11/2001 £60.00
St Andrews & St Georges Thursday Circle22/11/2001 £10.00