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  1. Hello
    I needed acknowledgement of donation I made in September and was hoping that your ‘news’ page would show it so that I could display it to the generous folk who contributed – but as of now – some 6 weeks later I do not have an email acknowledgement and it is not shown on the news page.
    This is despite writing an email 3 times without reply.

    • Hi Kevan

      I apologise I am running behind on letters of thanks.

      Yes we have received your latest kind donation, please thank your members for contributing.

      Many thanks
      Paul Brain
      Bolton MRT

  2. Hi, my name is Alexia Harley.. I did a cake sale at my school and raised over £150 pounds for this charity .. Me and all my family would like to thank you for all your help when we needed your services. R.I.P to my uncle Adam Charlotte (august 2004) THANKS XXXX FOR YOUR HELP

  3. Hi peeps just wanted to congratulate the members who passed their casualty care practical exams the other evening. Hope to see you all out there at some point.

  4. Congratulations on the Queens Award for Voluntary Service, it is a wonderful testament to all the team has done over so many years.

  5. Some strange premonition drew me back to the website after an absence of many years. There is some elaborate hoax story circulating on t’internet suggesting that Garry might have stepped down, which is of course utter tosh. It would never happen.

    Best wishes to all, especially VGR on his discovery that there may be more to life after all; and to Alastair on taking the lead. A very fine choice indeed.

  6. Congratulations to all new officers elected into there new posts a special mention to Garry who from my time at BMRT was an inspiration to all new members coming into the role as newbies as the team leader he showed me the guidance , gave me the advise and made me the best I could be within BMRT I will be forever grateful for the help and the friendship I received from Garry and the team while I was a member ,I wish you all the best and a very well deserved life member honour .

  7. Greetings from a past member, and best wishes to all elected to new posts within the team. Garry’s stepping down is the end of an era, and many of us who have served in the team will remember his support over many years. For me he made me very welcome – which included B&B when I didn’t have a car, he also believed that I had something to offer the team, and I am grateful to have been able to be apart of it. Garry enjoy your retirement, enjoy the time with Ann, and enjoy watching how others do it!

  8. Just wanted to put a Massive thankyou to the Bolton MRT Team, The Guest Speakers and the other MRT / Lowland SAR Team Members for a Fantastic weekend on the Joint Foundation Mountain Rescue Training, An absolute pleasure to have worked along side all of you having learned some new and intersting skills as well as gaining a massive respect for how challenging it can sometimes be, Many thanks! Kevin (Lowland Search Technician)

  9. Good Morning,

    I just wanted to extend my huge thanks to you all (instructors and support staff) for a fantastic experience on last weeks Joint Foundation Course. Being the only contingent from Suffolk, I felt welcomed as well a extremely well feed and watered. The course lectures, practical exercises and knowledge picked up was great. Much of this I will be now able to share with my team to enhance our skill sets. Thanks you again, to all, for a great weekend. This is something that I will be definitely encouraging others form my team to attend.
    Many thanks Neal Sugar

  10. Hi, my mum and I would like to sincerely thank members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team when they attended on 18th January, 2015 incident No.22/2015

    My father was very seriously ill and the Ambulance was having some difficulty in moving due to the snowy conditions. They did manage, however, and my mother and I were overwhelmed by the amount of people there helping. They lined either side of the road and stopped the traffic to enable us to get through. Sadly my father died two days later hence the lateness of our thanks. I cannot begin to thank those angels enough for their selflessness and care that morning it meant so much to my mother and I. We will be donating online and should we ever be lucky enough to win the lottery your team will be at the very top of our list. From the bottom of our hearts thank you. I know my darling dad would have been extremely grateful too. Keep up your magnificent work.

  11. I’d just like to say a very big thank you to your team who came out to help look for Gary Williamson on Tuesday evening.

    As you know we found him yesterday afternoon and is waiting to be discharged from hospital. I don’t think he quite knows yet just what went on while he was missing but I know from myself and Carolyn his partner that we are very grateful for your help and organisation.

    What a fab team of people.

  12. Thanks to all members who made our training session and eye opener so enjoyable and informative. Such a lovely group of people!
    Garry, all of your advice was greatly received.
    Website is amazing. We’ll be back for more.
    Kindest regards
    Vanda & Ed (MerSAR) Merseyside Lowland Search and Rescue.

  13. A very big Thank You to the team that helped by towing our horse lorry (pony on board) up the lane at Pickup Bank…lovely helpful guys xx

  14. After seeing the report re Irlam Open day I am reminded of a similar event in Darwen a few years back. Myself and John ‘Johnnycabs’ Walklett went to the fire station a day before, as we had been invited to abseil off the ‘Simon Snorkel’ basket during the parade through the town centre the following day. In the fire station yard, by way of a practice, we were dangling a couple of feet below the basket, when an alarm started to sound. John casually asked what was happening, the reply being ‘Oh nothing serious, its just the tilt alarm telling me we could tip over’ The result? Two very quick decents to the floor, and a decision by LFRS that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea!

    The following day we abseiled off the fire tower instead, along with team members simulating a crag rescue. Much safer for all concerned, and very well received.

  15. Thanks again for your mention about the FESS vehicle at 999 day (Red Cross vehicle) Always great to see you at fire station open days.

    Fire Emergency Support Service Greater Manchester
    Red Cross volunteer

  16. Just looked into to see what the teams been up to, looks like its been a busy few weeks. Hope everyone is well. Keep up the good work


  17. Congratulations to all those who been newly elected to the team council, and especially to Chris in the role of Deputy Team Leader. I am glad that the team is going from strength to strength. Best wishes to all from a sunny Germany.

  18. I was training the new RSPCA rope team up at Anglezarke on 26/27th Feb. Gary was kind enough to let us have a look around the base which everyone was very impressed by. Wanted to say a big thank you,& hope maybe at some point some of my team & I would love to join you on a training session ? I miss the MR a great deal & think you all do an amazing job.

    Must apologise , but I left the garage lights on when we left by mistake.Only realised after I’d handed the keys back in ….OOOps ! Cheers Andy K .

  19. To all the team members who attended call out 14/2014. Please accept my personal thanks for all your efforts in the search, based around Gib Wood at Wythenshawe. As usual your experience and expertise was a significant aid to GMP in circumstances where an effective, thorough and timely search was required. I know from conversations on the night that GMP staff, who had no previous experience of working alongside yourselves, were very impressed by the level of commitment and knowledge that was displayed. They now better understand your role and capabilities as a result.

    Thanks to the efforts of all concerned the missing man was found and, after treatment, was returned to his family. I know that they too are grateful to all those involved.
    It was great to see some familiar, and slightly older, faces amongst the throng of willing volunteers.

  20. I found this website very informative, and it also gave me an insight into the valuable work that Bolton MRT carry out.

    I’d love to be a part of it! I guess I’ll have to wait until summer 2014 to be in with a shot!

    Cheers guys, Keep up the good work.

  21. Hello everyone great to catch up with you all
    And congratulations on all the awards and
    Letters of thanks you have had
    Hope you all have a great Christmas , stay safe
    And take care

  22. Hi all glad to read the team is doing well in regards your recent award hope your all keeping we’ll keep up the good work hope to visit soon

  23. Thank you to Dave Cooke who was the guest speaker at the Bury/Bolton ME support group. The presentation last night was very interesting and enlightening. A big thank you to all the team for all the good work that you do in making our part of the world a safer place

  24. This is as message for Steve Fletcher and Mike Marsh.

    I was the mountain biker involved in the accident at Alance Bridge, Rivvington on Thursday 11th July. I would like to thank you for your help and assistance given to me. I do not remember the accident, I was told of your support by the police and nurse Sam McKay of Salford Royal Hospital. I have fractrues to my wrist and facial fracture,these have been operated on so I am just waiting to get better

    Thank you once again,

    Lee Farmer

  25. Hello,
    I would like to take the time and say thank you for all your help on the 14th of July 2013 involving my 9 months old Alaskan Malamute.
    I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in rescuing our Dog, Devlin after his collision with a car, we couldn’t of possibly moved him in a calm and comfortable way as you did.
    Devlin is now resting in the vets on pain killers and sedatives he did have a buildup of gas in the stomach which could of lead to Gastric dilatation volvulus which could shut down other major organs and have other problematic consequences but luckily the vet has now removed all the gas buildup with a stomach pump and hopefully it will not buildup again.
    Devlin also has a spiral fracture to his left front leg and half of his pad missing on his foot but hopefully the pad should grow back from the inside out. As for the break the vets are leaving it alone untill his stomach is normal and isn’t at risk because the break doesn’t seem to be life threatenning unlike the gas buildup.
    Thank you for all your time and effort, we are so grateful for all your hard work and I am sure Devlin will be too.
    Thank you.

  26. Hi everyone, I’m back home now after 6 days in Wythenshawe for my big op. Everything went perfect and Professor McCollom did a superb job on me.
    Its going to be a long slow recovery process from such major surgery (for the medically minded it was a AAA open repair (tube graft). But thanks to association with the Team and keeping fit on the moors and hills I have a better chance than most. Hope in the next week or two to at least get Janet to drive me over to check that you are all behaving while I’m away! Just seen all the MREW exam passes and congratulate all those who passed. Commiserations to those who didn’t make it but it is not for everyone and there are many other equally important functions to be filled on incident. See you all soon.

  27. Dear all, just spent the last three days trekking in Sapa,within the northern mountains of Vietnam, to the north east of Hanoi. (Apparently) the views are fantastic, all we have had is three days of very low lying mist, no views of anything beyond the next twenty metres and steady drizzle (Torrential rain at night) which has made the walking experience somewhat similar (I kid you not) to walking through the Terraced Gardens at Rivington for the last three days ! Off now back to Hanoi on the night sleeper. Despite a quite large trekking industry starting here the rescue provision appears to be none existant …. and the paths are extremely muddy, wet and very slippy. See you all soon, from your Team Leader on ‘Yet another foreign trip !’

  28. Gutted not to complete the Winter hHll race today and cutting short a play in the snow; but hey, great to re-aquaint with some special people in the back of a mini van (remembering that day at Cadshaw…)! Thanks for the loan of the warm clothing and the cuppa. Much appreciated! Please accept a token of my appreciation which hopefully will cover more than the cuppa! (Cheque’s in the post) Best Wishes.

  29. Hello peeps just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your assistance today. Not sure how we’d have managed without it. It was good to see some familiar faces and some new ones, shame Big Vern wasn’t able to join us.
    Thanks again
    Iain Peel
    Bolton North Ambulance Station

  30. Thank you for a wonderful evening on Monday. We at Flixton dog training will remember the evening for a long time and if there is any way we csn help raise money and awareness please dont hesitate to let us know p s love all your dogs.

  31. Congratulations to all the team members who have received their Diamond Jubilee Medal. Many years of very hard work have been put in by you all. I look forward to saying hello again soon.

  32. Just to say how impressed I was with the support given at The Diamond Jubilee event at Darwen Tower. The team as usual seem full of fun and good humour.

    Thanks for all the good work.

    Matt Donnelly

  33. hi guys just thought id drop a line to say hello and let u know that my daughter was born on the 08/05/12 weve named her millie-rae both mother and child are doing great . hope u are all well il keep in touch stay safe everyone

  34. VERY sad to read today’s Bolton News story about the death of search dog Chi. It seems only yesterday, when I was a journalist on the paper, that I was writing stories about Dave Marsh and his brilliant dog in training. If only dogs had the same life-span as humans…

  35. Great to meet a few Bolton MRT “blasts from my past” at Rivington Pike on Saturday – particularly the irrepressible Garry Rhodes. He oozes the same youthful enthusiasm for the team as when I first met him many years ago, when I was a “scribe” on the Bolton Evening News. Great work you are doing guys (and gals). Just hope you’ll go on getting the publicity you deserve.

  36. Great to see you guys recently. You have been amazingly busy – sound slike you have had some great jobs with some superb work with the other emergency services – long may it continue.

  37. Thanks to all the team on behalf of Turton Rotary and me for giving up your time and providing a great presentaion and better understanding of the services you provide to a vast area. Fantastic organisation and an amazing job you all carry out!

  38. Fantastic job you do, after watching numerous programmes on rescues, why dont they make it compulsary for walkers, climbers, etc, to carry plastic red cross signs, that can be anchored down,for rescue helicopters have a visual aid to spot injured people quicker from the air! Maybe with your contacts, you could get the word out! Stay safe, when you are out rescuing people.

  39. Just like to thank everyone who was at Incident 46 21st July 2011 17:53. You guys done a great job getting my dad up & out of that rocky Stream also actually getting to the area was quite difficult again well done all much appreciated keep up the good work

    Regards leeroy Thompson

  40. Congratulations Garry on your M.B.E. You deserve it for all the hard work you put in to the team. You are truly very hard working and dedicated 24hrs to the team. I wish you and the team every success in the future!

  41. Met some of your fine volunteers at The Avenue in Leigh and I donated like any fine gentleman would.

    I presume I did not win the raffle but I hope my money went to save a lot of people in dire situations.

    Keep up the good work Carly.

  42. I have always respected the efforts of MRTs, even more so having needed one recently! Thanks for thwarting the efforts of my Husband to claim on my life insurance policy and evacuating me so quickly from a local crag over the weekend. I still do not recall the incident, probably as well. However our children have some great shots of each other from inside your landrover and of the helicopter ferrying the casualty away. Very Best Wishes.

  43. I’d like to say a big thank-you to all the members of the Bolton MRT who helped to evacuate my wife from Cadshaw Castle Rocks on Good Friday after she had taken a ground fall whilst trying to retreat from a climb. She is now at home and recuperating. Fortunately her injuries were not serious. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  44. Just a few lines to say thanks to the guys who attended our multi-agency ex this weekend and who were unlucky enough to have me as their group leader! The team were excellent and there were times where it was hard to tell that there were actually four teams in my group, such was the level of integration and professionalism.

    All the very best to you all in Bolton MRT and look forward to working with you soon.

    All the best!

    Davie Thomson

    Call sign Scots Davie/Swale 72

  45. dear sir re your call out to darwen moor…..i hope these irresponsable idiots are fined & charged for your valuable time. re the mess that has been made around the bridleway below the pike by the 4 x 4 idiots needs to be addressed…do you have any say into the prevention of this……i look foward to your comments …..les

    Webmaster: The team has a long-standing policy not to apply any judgement or make any criticism relating to the circumstances surrounding the incidents we attend, and like every other Mountain Rescue Team in the UK, it does not charge for its services regardless of the nature of the incident. The team is aware of erosion issues by the many varied users of the local countryside within the areas we operate. This is a matter addressed by the landowners, tennant farmers, and local authorities and is not within the remit of this team.

  46. Well done on your amazing work to support the people of Bolton in extraordinary ways. On the 15th April there is a ‘New writers ‘ event at the Octagon at 7pm. a 3rd of the takings from the box office will hopefully go to the BMRT, so please tell all to come along and support the event.

  47. Sorry I didn’t make contact over Christmas, was in Brazil: dodgy snow conditions given it was 37 C most of the time. Interesting article from 26/12/10 re ‘Buttons’ being an Army Chaplin. Have the British force given up using Ministers of religion to minister to the troops? Have they decided to save money and utilise the services of small individuals wearing a moth-eaten suit, bowler hat and carrying a bent cane, bearing an uncany resempblance to Charlie CHAPLIN. Has the web master forgotten where the spell check facility is located. Yours, with an eye for detail,

  48. Hi guys, thought id wish all the Team a fantastic New Year, keep up all the good work! was also really nice to see most of you all the other weds (22nd) 🙂

  49. would just like to thank the team for the calender and team supporters sicker which is already on display in my car and my laple badge.keep up the good work and to all team members have a good new year.

  50. Hi there – just to let you know I have a donation (by cheque – I shall be posting it this week) to the team from a customer of ABR Services (Rick’s plumbing/heating company) – she has listened to our tales and would like to help out what she sees to be a good cause – hope the money is put to good use.
    Hope you’re all well and happy,
    Lisa xxx

  51. hi guys nice to see your attendance as usual at lead mines clough always a good service wish i could of come but ive sold the car now so no transport. keep up the good work and good luck to the new trainees hope to see u soon.

  52. Thank you to yourself and all the Bolton MRT for preparing for the service, and especially for your very detailed and prompt write up on your website. It was good that the rain kept off during the proceedings.

    Hope to see you at future commemorations.

  53. May I take this oppurtunity to express my greatest thanks to everyone in the search for my uncle last friday.I am deeply grateful for everything you did in a thoroughly proffessional and sympathetic manner. THANK YOU.

  54. I think we should all be very proud of our Training Officer Elaine for not only completing the 30mile Commando run with a 35lb bergen but for coming home in first place beating all the Army, Police and Fire service guys and lady – a big WELL DONE ELAINE – we’re proud of you!

  55. Many thanks for supporting the Armed Forces through the Help for Heros event. As a former team member and now member of the Armed Forces it is great to know that people support us.
    Thank you again, Mike

  56. Hi guys. Only three to go so I thought I would give you advance warning that I may need to loan my wife back off you shortly. Keep up the good work and see you all soon.

  57. Hello, still out in NZ, survived KOs 05:30 ‘morning call’…also helped with medical incident on Rangitoto Island, casualty had fatal heart attack, assisted the helicopter paramedic with the recovery of the lady(my sister-in-law and two doctors also at scene). Should be back in the UK next week …looking forward to a good summer in the UK. Ged

  58. Just want to say a huge huge thank you to the Bolton mountain resue team that looked after my son Callum on Good Friday on Rivington Pike, I really don’t know what we would have done without you, your team was fantastic, they took control and were so efficient and reassuring my son all the time, all volenteers!! an amazing bunch of guys, thank you again
    Regards Suzanne

  59. Well folks thought I’d leave you all a quick message, mostly to the guys and girls I didn’t get chance to say good bye to (for now) before my speedy exit from the team (due to new work shifts, college/Uni), I’d like to say it has been a pleasure to work along side all of you and I hope you all continue with the good work. Well I’m off to try and complete another eassy before I go back to work. All the best to the team and all who sail in her 🙂 hope to see you all again soon. Dave x

  60. you helped bring my girlfriend down from rivington terraced gardens on valentnes day 2010 i will be contacting yourselves soon many thanks 2 the team for help with emma after her epileptic seizure on sunday afternoon regards ian westby

  61. Just thought that you should know that I have kidnapped full time team member (and part time wife) Dr Clare Whitney (note correct spelling) She says she can’t face anymore snow and has decided to set up the first Dubai desert rescue team instead!! However the start has been delayed by a skiing accident, all will become apparent when she is eventaully returned to you. Keep up the good work and look forward to meeting again in June.

  62. On Sunday I was lucky enough to be one of the 12 potential hopefuls to be put through my paces to try and join the team. So what can I say about that day? A few words spring to mind; hard work, tiring but most of all fun! Everyone made us feel welcome and showed us just what it was like to be a member of the team in the little time available to us on the day. Having seen Mountain Rescue in various parts of the UK (Luckily never for myself!) I never truely realised with what selfless dedication and commitment that these men and women can quite often put their lives on the line in order to save others. Whats more they do it all for free, relying solely on donations etc to keep them going. I can only hope that I can live up to their expectations and perform well enough to become a full member of the team and if I dont, then I can walk away saying that I have had the good fortune to meet some of the most couragous men and women ever and that they have made a large impact on my life in a short period of time! So to all those who took us out on Sunday, a big thank you and to all the team, carry on the the good work. You’re doing a great job!!!!

  63. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the whole team for allowing us 12 ‘hopefuls’ to come along and experience first-hand the kind of work you do. It was a really fun day (Sunday 24th) and I enjoyed every minute of it, even the water swirling around inside my boots whilst transporting the loaded stretcher. It was a bit of a surprise to hear that we were all welcome back because, to be honest, by the end of the day I’d have just been happy with what we had accomplished – it actually felt as though we saved someone that day (even though we then lowered him back to the bottom of the quarry and then back up to the top again!), it felt real and it was a great experience. Thanks.

  64. These people are angels doing what they do out of the goodness of there hearts helping people who need it. My grandad was stuck in his house in the snow and was seriously ill. The guys who got him out had been workin for 18 hours streight. These people helped get him out and into hospital this prolonged his life and made his death as comfertable as possible. For this we thank you and if there is any way i can help u raise money for your cause feel free to email me and i will do all i can. Many thanks you people are truly angels. xx

  65. A big thank you to all the team who gave their time to help show a group of hopefuls some of what the team is all about. It’s a long journey ahead for those of us who aspire to join the team but it’s great to get 1 foot on the first rung of the ladder.

  66. I just want to say a huge thank you to all the team for a completely awe inspiring day out on exercise, as part of training for potential new members. In just one day I learned so much about what the MRT is all about and the amazing work that is done. Also, I am still experiencing the pain in my ribs from laughing so much. Keep up the superb work and thanks again.

  67. Hello everyone, just a short note to say a BIG Thank You for your assistance on Tuesday as I’m sure would all of my colleagues. the work you do and the spirit in which you carry it out is nothing short of incredible. Keep up the good work and see you soon, take care.

  68. Hi all. Just to pass on a hearty thank you to all the Team, and particularly to those who have passed on their good wishes. Stay safe, and I hope you are able to enjoy an uninterupted Xmas day. Best wishes and Merry Xmas!
    Andy R
    (Hoping to be back soon!)

  69. Well boys and girls you have been busy! Reading the reports of ‘Snow Cover’ for NWAS and searches in freezing conditions takes me back, to not that long ago. I will try my best to not interrupt your next Sunday night, 27/12, with a call out, as I am on duty cover. If you are needed please ensure the you leave the Team Leader in a Land Rover passenger seat at all times. My Best Wishes to all the Team, especially those that know me. Hope to see you soon for some training with a colleague, perhaps followed by a feindish search exercise somewhere wet and dark?

  70. Hi guys. I just thought I’d take the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep up the good work over winter, I’ll be thinking about you all up to your knees in snow and mud as I struggle with the 35 degree heat! See you in June.

  71. hi all just to let you know that on the 14/12/09 at 21:15 laura gave birth to our third little girl in the front seat of my car luckily we were in the hospital carpark at the time so within minutes of her giving birth i was able to summon more help to assist with making sure laura and the baby were ok laura and LUCY MAE are now safe and well at home recovering from what im sure will be an interesting conversation starter. Laura sends her love and regards and hopes to be able to tell the story in more detail at next years annual dinner.funnily enough i was seconds away from making a 999 call to be picked up by ambulance before i got told to get in the car and drive otherwise it may of been bolton mrt delivering my child seeing as you were on ambulance assist haha now that would have been an experiance seeing bmrt coming in with head touches and life jackets haha. Anyway hope your all well hope to see you soon maybe bring 3 labourers for the next valet day haha. good luck with the christmas assists and if you require any help dont hesitate to ask iam sure ill be glad of the break.

  72. hi all hope your all well missing you all and the team very much still waiting for the new arrival to turn up. hope to be back with you all soon but maybe in the support role of the team depending on on my teams approval haha anyway keep up the great work and keep safe.

  73. As a long friend of the team (ask Garry) I was so glad to see that you have put the newsletter to the web…now I can keep an eye out on you all. Although not many of the members I knew are still with you, a big hello to all who do and do not know me.
    You do an amazing job, I know I experienced some of your call outs and even helped with a river search one Christmas on the Lune.
    My association with BMRT has even influenced me to be a supporter of my local tem here in Colorado.
    Anyway, no more rambling, just a big hello and hope that you all stay well and safe on your ventures.
    Say Hi to Garry for me.

  74. Thank you so much for support GMP and the soldiers raising money for the Help for Heroes appeal. As a former member of the team and a current member of the Armed Forces, I am grateful for your support of this appeal that does so much for all in the Military.
    Thank you again, Mike

  75. Hi guys. Notice from the website that you have accepted my wife as a full team member. You really don’t know what you are letting yourelves in for!! Keep up the good work and I will see you all for a pint in the Bobs Smithy in June 2010.

  76. Hello everyone…. Keep checking up on you all on the website (busy as usual) hope all is well, foundation course looked a scream, passed my level 1 last week and have decided to go on and take level 2 … so that will keep me busy until June 2010! Hope to see you all soon, take care!

  77. “Good Morning Bolton”, the helicopter training looks escellent….not too many helicopters flying over the Delta in ‘Nam these days…”I love the smell of ***** (bacon ??) in the morning…..”

  78. Finally gave in and checked up on the website what you have all been up to whilst I’ve been lazing away here with Ann in very sunny India. (got up to 95F a couple of days ago)
    Congratulations to all involved in the Hawkshaw search, quite a successful outcome by the report. (well done folks)(make sure that incident report is done though!)
    Anyway the beach beckons, as does the wonderful food, ice cold Kingfisher beer and the fantastically friendly Indian people.
    See you all soon. (before you start to begin to get used to your Team Leader being away !)
    Garry and Ann.

  79. Dear All at Bolton MRT, I wish to inform you that as of 23/08/2009 I will no longer work for NWAS. However I have my own company ‘Manchester Medical Services’ and I hope we can work together. More discussions to follow. Best Regards Dave (NWAS Mcr Control Centre)

  80. Congratulations on a fantastic sum raised at the Fair. It looks to have been an exciting and rewarding day. Lets hope that it has raised the profile of the team as well as funds.
    Best wishes to you all, Mike

  81. Many thanks to you all for the expert assistance you gave to our son, Alex,when he fell from a rope-swing in Worsley Woods on the 17th April. The help he received from your team was so caring and professional. We, and the attending paramedics, were very impressed with the way you dealt with the situation and it certainly made their job easier getting Alex to the ambulance.

  82. NWAS Greater Manchester (ECC) would like to express our thanks to Bolton MRT for the work you do for us each year. Hopefully the G3 AED Machines you now have will help deliver vital patient care. We know that any support we give you is put to good use. Thank you on behalf of North West Ambulance Service.

  83. NWAS (Greater Manchester) Would like to thank the team for the assistance given on the evening of Monday 13th April on the Worsley Woods Incident. Also thanks for the support you give us on each callout, your help is invaluable to the Ambulance Service.

  84. during the course of easter monday weekend I fell and injured my knee. the mountain rescue team kindly took me in their vehicle back to my car. I just want to say thank you so much to the 2 kind men who helped a damsel in distress. You do a fantastic job and it was much appreciated. my family said I would go to any lengths to get a free ride from mountain rescue!!! thanks for being there

  85. Hi to the team, and thanks for helping my son Patrick on good friday at winter hill.He has sustained a fracture to his foot. I came to visit on monday 6th of April and the Friday of the same week you helped my Son, many many thanks.I really appreciate the help given by all.
    P.McDonough M0TXR (Bolton Wireless Club Taining officer)

  86. Hi all, just back from the emergency day in Bolton TC, just wanted to say great to see you all, had a great time & thanks for making my nephew welcome & involved, couldn’t drag him away, he loved it 🙂

  87. The incident involving the rescue of the 40 year old man down the steep bank of the River Roch on Roach Street happened directly outside my house, Riverside Cottage and I would like to say how impressed I and the other residents of Roach Street were with the effort you all put in to complete this rescue safely.

    PS Don’t worry, we forgive you for trampling over the plants!

  88. Hi guys. It’s nice to see from the pictures (incident 18/2009) that my wife is no longer shirking stretcher carrying duties. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to meeting you when I finally get back home in 16 days (not that I’m counting).

  89. Just sorting out the next Wednesday Night Exercise entitled ‘surviving cold weather’. It is currently -22 below freezing at 21:00. This afternoon in the forest it was a balmy -16 below! Enjoy the Winter Hill Fell Race. Andy R (TO)

  90. Hi guys. Was having my regular look at your website when I noticed my wife skiving off stretcher carrying duties (incident 11/2009). This definitely needs addressing at your next training session. Keep up the good work.
    PS. Another Aye for Vernie

  91. I agree with the guides! As founder member of the ‘Rename the Landie Vernie’ group I invite visitors to lend their support to this noble cause. Record your vote here. Haven’t seen you lot in a while, perhaps your Training Officer is planning some feindish search exercise and wants the help of a devious search manager? Stay Safe.

  92. Hi all,
    Bridget & I bumped into Mike Marsh the other day, so I thought I’d come here & say hello to the rest of you (the few left who might remember me). Good to hear the team is busy and boomimg – no way I could keep that up now. All the best for 2009.

  93. Sorry to read of the snow. Currently sat on deck relishing the sights of scantily clad ladies in this glorious December sun and heat. Oh the alcohol is going down great 🙂
    TTFN, don’t get too cold.

  94. NWAS Manchester Emergency Control Centre (ECC) wish to express our thanks to all Bolton Mountain Rescue staff who assisted us today (29/11/2008) on several incidents in the Greater Manchester Area. Thanks for the support, it’s much appreciated!

  95. Hi
    Just a quicky. My father sadly passed away a few weeks ago. Rather than flowers we asked, if people wanted to, make donations to BMRT. I understand that a cheque for c.£1,400 has been made. Garry R kindly sent a letter to my mother expressing thanks and appreciation.

    As a member of Bolton CHA (former Chair and President) my father had a great respect for your work, as I did when a West Pennine Moors Ranger….keep up the fantastic work…it is well appreciated by those who love our cultural and leisure backdrop.
    Andy Jackson

  96. Your esteemed Team Leader here, (and Ann, the Boss !)Unbelieveably the Bolton News phoned me up for a Team enquiry, (yep Ken the mobile is still on!)They got a surprise when I said I was in India. Already packed in lots of sights, including fantastic temples and of course the Taj Mahal. I dont think blues and twos would make much of a difference in the traffic here, talk about the need for defensive driving technigues, come to Delhi and learn from the best ! Garry and Ann, (more sights beckon, off to Goa)

  97. Just a message to say hello and I hope all is going smoothly in preparations for the Foundation Course. Good Luck to all the Trainee’s!

    Take care and stay safe

    Jo, Dave & Caitie Mc

  98. wow, my son just found the website with all the pictures of the new base… very nice – almost makes me want to come back. Best wishes from the sunny north to any who remember me – circa 1978

  99. Yellow and wide eh, is it Paul Brain in a bannana costume, is it a bolt-on modification to make the Land Rovers’ look like a Sea King, is it the hi-vis front grille of Bolton Mobile 5 (the soon to be revealed 7.5 tonne Iveco truck-based Control and Administration vehicle)? Oh I give up…

  100. Sorry to hear the weather is so bad. Here it’s 38deg! You’ll be pleased to know that as I missed a Wednesday training, I’ve kept it up here instead, swimming and doing off-road 4×4 driver training during a desert safari! Not a slippy as Dave’s muddy quarry. Have fun!! MS

  101. Well done to all the Team on the Barrow Bridge incident for what sounded like a very hard slog. Reminds me of the sort of exercise I used to arrange – all you needed was a mad axe-man on the loose!!

  102. i read this site every single day and check on the latest the team has been up too, they all do a great job and the news section is great with some good pictures too.
    i hope i can help the team in the near future look forward to that .

  103. Dear all at Bolton MRT, we could like to express our thanks for the support at the incidents you attended for us on the weekend of 9th & 10th August 2008. Thanks from NWAS Control Manchester.

  104. Garry, Can i say good site, well presented and to all the team, a well done for all you do, I have had many a chat with Garry on MR + team issues he has given me advice that i have taken on board and put in to practise.
    Bill Ellis
    Team Leader
    Northumberland National Park MRT

  105. Just a little note to say thanks to the Team who turned up to support the recnt 999 day outside Darwen Town Hall – a great day enjoyed by all who participated particulalry the youngsters – thanks for all that you do !

  106. I juat wanted to say a huge thank you Gary for making my visit to you all so welcoming on the 25th June 08.I am so glad i got the chance to meet you ALL again.Thanks for being there when i came.I needed to thank each and everyone of you for the incredible work you did that dreadful night.Your support was outstanding and you should be so proud of yourselves.Like i said on the night i came “ANGELS”.You truely are.Thank you to Geoff for trying so hard to reach him.A special thank you again to Sam,i can never thank you enough for how much you helped our girls.You have such a big loving heart.My loving thoughts are with all of you.
    Keep up your fantastic work.
    Love Tricia.x

  107. Hi to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.
    My name is Chris Walsh and quite simply I owe my life to your team!
    On the 27th January this year I fell into Anglezarke Quarry (incident 20/2008) and was severely injured.
    Suffering from life threatening injuries to my chest and potentially long-term disabling pelvic injuries, I was recovered from the site safely and securely. I was then taken to Blackburn hospital by Air Ambulance.
    This is just a quick note to say a totally inadequate thank you to the whole team and especially to the gentleman who discovered me after the fall. (I won’t name him here as he knows who he is and don’t want to cause any embarrassment.) I know that I would have died if it had not been for his correct and timely actions.
    Please read this out to the team and let them know that I am well on the way to recovery and once this is sufficiently progressed I will be asking for ways that I can assist in fundraising. I am now walking (with sticks) and hopefully will be able to get back to all actitivities (including climbing) in the fullness of time.
    This is to show your members that what you do is really appreciated. You are a group of very special people who provide a fantastic service and an inspiration.
    Thank you

  108. NWAS Paramedic Emergency Control in Greater Manchester, would like to express our thanks to Bolton MRT for the assistance on the incident late in the evening on Saturday 3rd May 2008 in Wigan. Thanks for your support once again!

  109. I would like to send my thanks to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and especially to Garry Rhodes, for hosting our visit to you last week. All of our leaders who came said that they really enjoyed the evening and found it most entertaining and informative, and gave them new insights into mountain emergencies and procedures.

  110. Great site. Very interesting. We’re hoping that BMRT will send some more members down to our training weekend this year on dartmoor.

    J Reading
    Training Officer

  111. A huge thank-you to all 17 BMRT who came out to me after my cycle accident on Sun 9th March.I was in a lot of discomfort and the team were wonderfulI suffered a fracture/dislocation of my left ankle which the orthopaedic team at Wythenshawe hospital repaired the next day,and although I`m in a cast and on crutches for 6 weeks am back working in my dental practice.Will probably stick to road cycling from now on though not for some time.

  112. I think The mountain rescue team are amazing, Yes im only 15 years old but my brother was with you, still is i think and he is an amazing person. You are such great people to go out there and do what they do xxxx

  113. Congrats to Bolton MRT for being awarded the external best organisation at the annual NWAS Area Awards, for working with NWAS throughout the year. Well done Team! A much deserved award for you all! Keep up the good work, From all at NWAS

  114. Gosh its over 4yrs since I was last on here!!!….
    Very sad to read about Jenny, she was a beautiful person and my heart goes out to her family.
    I’m getting ready to emmigrate to San Diego, California to join my new yankee hubby!….so just wanted to drop in and wish the team all the best for the future, much love and success in all that you do…..& congrats to Gary for the MBE, well done hun.

  115. On behalf of all NWAS Staff in the Greater Manchester Area, we would like to thank all the team members of Bolton Mountain Rescue for your valued support on incidents in the Gtr Mcr Area so far this year. Without your help our job would be much more difficult. So a big thanks to you all. Regards NWAS Staff.

  116. Greater Manchester Police would like to extend their Congratulations to Garry Rhodes, on his award of the M.B.E. recognising his contribution and services to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

    The award is undoubtedly well deserved; Greater Manchester Police has frequently acknowledged the efforts made by the Team when engaged on operations within the County, whether these are Search, Body or Evidence Recovery, Assistance to Crime Scene Investigations or Emergency aid to those injured in the outdoors. The performance of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team is as a direct result of highly motivated, committed and effective leadership, exemplified by Garry Rhodes over a number of years.

    In particular the Search Managers (Missing Persons) would like to extend their thanks for the assistance given on numerous searches, in sometimes highly visible operations or harrowing circumstances. Garry’s knowledge and experience has undoubtedly made these tasks easier to accomplish.

    Chris Moody
    Search Manager (Missing Persons)

  117. Hi all hope you are well, Congrats to Garry, undoubtedly well deserved, I did know deep down that there would be a reason why pager messages were sent out for missing paperclips? Joking! Best wishes for the New Year guys. Haylz

  118. Congratulations to Garry on his well deserved MBE. Wear it with pride for all you have helped to contribute to BMRT and MR in general over the years. It is appreciated, so thank you.
    Best wishes for a happy and successful New Year to all the team.

  119. Congratulations to VGR for the well deserved MBE. Clearly this recognises immense personal commitment to the team and MR generally but also the wider role the team plays in the community in non-conventional MR activities. Best wishes for the New Year.

  120. I would like to wish all at BMRT a very happy new year and congratulations to Big Vern on his award,a huge pat on the back to one and all, you must be very proud. Best wishes Soapbox.

  121. NWAS Greater Manchester would like to thank all Bolton Mountain Rescue Crew members who staffed both BMR1 & BMR4 vehicles on Saturday 29th December 2007 during the Peak Demand situation we faced. Your help is very much appreciated and we could not operate without your help. Thanks on behalf of NWAS for this support.

  122. congrats to the boss on his gong, remember o keep your words to a minimum and only speak when spoken to 😉 are there any bets being taken on how long VGR’s speech will be with the queen? seriously though, well done.

  123. The North West Ambulance Service control room in Greater Manchester would like to wish all the team members of Bolton MRT a very happy christmas. Please keep safe whilst responding to incidents. Your support to us over the past year as been very much valued. Without your support we would find our job difficult, as volunteers you have our 110% support for the new year. Look forward to many more incidents working together. All the Best (NWAS PEC Manchester)

  124. NWAS Greater Manchester would like to thank all Bolton Mountain Rescue Crew members who staffed both BMR1 & BMR2 vehicles on Monday 3rd December 2007 during the Peak Demand situation we faced. Your help is very much appreciated and we could not operate without your help. Thanks to Geoff Seddon for the deployment of the BMR resources. Thanks on behalf of NWAS for this support.

  125. i would like to thank all the people who work for for the rescue team you all brave an are well diseverd a big thanx. people would be in alot of troubole had it not be for your team’s. i cycle up rivinton and see the rescue teams and are greatful for the work they do. from chris age 16.

  126. Don’t know if you remember me at all. I was a member around 1978 -1980. I was talking with my daughter about MRT activities for her (she is the same age I was then) and we looked you up on t’internet. Awesome team. Nice to see the old team still hanging in there after all this time.

  127. Dear All at Bolton MRT, NWAS Manchester Control would once again like to express our thanks to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team for the help you have given us over the recent callouts and the busy periods we have had. Without the team, we would find our job very difficult to complete, so our grateful thanks to you all! from all staff at Greater Manchester NWAS Paramedic Emergency Control Centre.

  128. Greetings all, today I left a Team baseball cap at St Pauls Chapel, New York, during a 9-11 memorial service, the Church that was saved on 9-11 by a tree (It is very close, to Ground Zero – a matter of yards). Many sad & harrowing stories were learnt today, on what happened on that fateful day.
    The Team now has a little memorial, to those who fell on that day, at this church, which was used as a refuge for NYFD & NYPD during their time searching Ground Zero for missing people.
    See you soon Dave – Have a nice day now

  129. Girlfriend of Duncan (incident 116 of 2007). Thanks for all your help with Duncan. Unfortunately we never did make it on our holiday to Germany as he ended up hospitalised for nine days. He’s doing well now though and is determined to be back out on his mountain bike as soon as possible (might have to get him some insurance!). Thanks again!

  130. Rotarians have heard about the valuable work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team on several occasions. They were kind enough to support us in training sixteen young students aged 16-17 from all over the world on a Rotary Summer Camp. These students took part in a rescue on Winter Hill on 2 August 2007 under realistic conditions and have gained genuine skills from it. They also enjoyed the experience tremendously. This is a fantastic group of volunteers who are a great credit to Bolton. Keep up the good work, guys!

  131. Andy, Mark and the rest of the team,

    Thanks very much for a fantastic day. We appreciated it very much, and as you could tell, so did our young summer campers. I am processing the photos and will get the publicity machine moving after our meeting tonight.

    Look forward to seeing you at events in the next year.

  132. Can I yet again Thank you for all your kid words and best wishes over the last few days. I was very lucky, once arriving at Warrington A&E to have a kind, honest, an recognisable face from your Team.

    Yes, Ali G, Thank you. Your just a never ending star and an asset to the Team.

    Garry, look after him, he’s one in a million! (Apart from yourself!)

    Take Care and Thank you

    Joanne McClure
    Chair / Training Officer
    Cheshire Search & Rescue Team

  133. do you have a helicopter specificly for the mountain rescue team or do you call out to R.A.F stations or the north west air ambulance? and do you request a sea king from the closest R.A.F station?

    We don’t have our own helicopter. As a general rule, we mostly work alongside the North West Air Ambulance on incidents – both ourselves and the NWAA are usually called at the same time by the North West Ambulance Service.

    In Bolton, we generally don’t work alongside RAF Sea Kings on incidents unless they are of a large scale nature (e.g. the Aircraft crash in February 2000). Requests for Sea King assistance are coordinated by the ARCC, based at RAF Kinloss, who are responsible for coordinating the RAF Sea Kings, Nimrods, and RAF MRTs based around the country.


  134. I would like to say a big thank you to everyboby who helped me on Saturday 14 th July when i fell and fractured my ankle while rambling through ‘Tigers Clough’ near Horwich.

    I have nothing but praise for the ‘Ride and Ramblers’ of Bolton Advanced Motorists, who stayed and comforted me, the Paramedics who administered first aid in a remote and wooded area, the Air Ambulance for turning out, although not required, and the members of the Bolton Mountain Rescue teams, who responded to the Ambulance services call, for stretchering me over water and a tricky terrain, i felt totally safe and secure whilst being carried to the awating Ambulance, especially when you take into consideration the effect the recent weather has had on these areas.

    Living near Wallsuches we quite often see Bolton Mountain Rescue team out and about, particularly on Georges Lane, but it really does open your eyes to the wonderful work these people do in your hour of need.

    May i apologise, for bursting out laughing, to the man fron Mountain Rescue who, carrying a large bum bag whilst assembling the stretcher, bent down facing away from me and presented me with his rear view and the legend on his bum bag ‘NORTH FACE’. i must have been high on Entonox at the time.

    Once again THANK YOU to everybody concerned. I am at present at home after having O R I F on my left ankle. 3 broken bones and 6 weeks with no weight on ankle at all.

  135. Dear All, We at NWAS Greater Manchester Paramedic Emergency Control would like to thank all the responding team members for attending the incident (14/07/07) at Horwich for the female fallen in Tigers Clough. Once again the team played a very valued part of the response to assist the patient and our greatful thanks go out to the team for such a great response to our request. Regards NWAS Staff in Greater Manchester Area.

  136. Thank you very much for your kind commemts. I would also like to thank the many team members who called and wished me well and understood my personnal reasons for resigning. Best wishes to all.

  137. Hi Guys,

    Just to say Hello and you missed a fantastic weekend at NEWSAR. Although I’ve took loads of photo’s and will email them through asap.

    Good Luck & Take Care out there
    Cheshire SAR Team

  138. Many thanks indeed for a first class evening yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a good deal, particularly rather more of what to expect if I ever find myself and others in trouble on the fells. Let’s hope it never happens, but thank goodness for you guys being there.
    I especially appreciated the warm welcome I received and the team’s openness and general professionalism

    Sorry I could not join you in the pub afterwards – I certainly owe you a drink sometime…

  139. Hi,

    I am writing to say a big thank you to the Mountain Rescue team who helped me after the race on Saturday. During the final descent I fell and landed on my knee and it wasn’t until I finished the race that I realised the extent of the damage. The Mountain Rescue team were really helpful and very professional in the way they dealt with my injury. They dropped me off at Chorley Hospital and ensured that I was ok before leaving. Please can you pass on my thanks to everyone who was involved in treating me.
    I have had three internal stiches and eight external stiches across my knee and hope to be up and running soon.

    Once again thank you very much for your help and I’ll see you all at the event next year.

  140. great to see that the team is keeping busy while I am in theese islands of paradise surrounded by dusky maidens. Best wishes to all from me on the other side of the world where the time id 11 hours behind UK time

  141. NWAS Manchester Control would once again like to express our thanks to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team for the help you have given us over the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend so far. Without the team, we would find our job very difficult to complete, so our grateful thanks to you all! Happy Easter from NWAS PEC.

  142. Hello team folks and folkesses! hope you are all keeping well and not too busy.Thanks to all keeping intouch might see if i can come out to play soon! keep up the excellent work!

  143. Dear Bolton MRT, We at NWAS have started a petition for Mr Tony Blair concerning the inappropriate use of the 999 Ambulance Service by the public. If any of your supporters agree with us that the ambulance service deals with a large amount of inappropriate calls, please could we ask them to sign the petition online at (link no-longer active) .

    Many Thanks, All at NWAS Manchester Control

  144. Hi Team, Once again NWAS Manchester Control would like to express it’s thanks to Bolton MRT for the quick response to the callout which involved 3 Children stuck in a river in the Bolton Area. Your help is always needed when incidents like this happen,and we at NWAS could like to express our thanks to the team for the support you give us. Thanks once again on behalf of NWAS Manchester Control

  145. Greater Manchester Police would like to thank the team for its assistance in the search for Mr Alan Lees, at Bolton on Sunday 11.02.07. The willingness of volunteers to give up a considerable amount of their free time, in order to help the wider community of Greater Manchester, is commendable.

    All elements of the search process i.e. physically searching, Control or logistical support, were conducted in a most thorough and professional manner. The time, weather conditions and terrain posed problems for the search parties, but these were met with humour and skill on the part of your team membership.

    The search managers from GMP are grateful for the high level response and the information fed back into the investigation. The enquiry into Mr Lees disappearance continues, safe in the knowledge that if required you would be willing to assist further, bringing the expertise we have come to respect and accept from your organisation.

    Yours sincerely

    PS Tony Darbyshire
    PC Chris Moody

    Search Managers (Missing Persons)
    Greater Manchester Police

  146. Hi All, Once again a huge thanks to all the team for assisting us this evening with the severe weather conditions we faced within NWAS Greater Manchester Area. As always your help is very much appreciated. Thanks from all at NWAS Control Manchester

  147. Hi all, I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this much needed service. I see you out and about in all weather and wish I could join your team, but unfortunately don’t think i’m fit enough. Ive just spent an hour looking and digesting this great informative site. I’d absolutely love to be able to help you all and now I see I might be able to afterall, in the form of casualty. Please e-mail me if you can use me. Many thanks and keep up the great work. Jackie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  148. Hi all at BMRT, Once again a big thanks to all the team who assisted us today (Monday) with the peak demand situation we faced in the Greater Manchester Area. It never fails t amaze how volunteers like you guys & girls give up free time to assist others. Well Done and Thank You from all at NWAS and the public of Greater Manchester. Keep up the good work.

  149. Guys and girls of BMRT, keep up your great work..!

    To venture out last night during the storms and chaos in order to help others is honestly the work of true heroes.

    Just travelling around the area was an absolute nightmare, so for you to be helping the public during this time is truly worthy of comment.

  150. Hi all at BMRT, Just a quick note to say a BIG thanks to all who helped us out over the festive period, your help as always was gratefully appreciated by all at NWAS Manchester. Happy New Year to all your members, from all at NWAS Manchester Paramedic Emergency Control

  151. Great site…I am a member of the local back country team Waterbury Back Country Rescue. We average only 5 call outs a year (right now). But, more requests for our assistance happen monthly.

  152. thanks for all the lovely comments, and phone calls following my recent bad luck. i am still in hospital and will be for sometime. so visits and phone calls are very much appreciated.

  153. May I, on behalf of the Greater Manchester Police, thank you all for the assistance given to our joint exercise on Sunday 26.11.06.

    The organisers and operational search managers on the exercise gained a lot from the experience. All were impressed by the patience, willingness and expertise exhibited by your team members when tasked with their search duties. The fact that many small ‘clues’ were located and logged by the search teams was a testament to their abilities.

    Without the help of your organisation the training and continued development of our Search Managers would be far less realistic. The opportunity to interact with the volunteer teams provides police officers with a valuable learning experience. We acknowledge your sacrificing personal time on our behalf, another indication of the excellent working relationship we have.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Chris Moody
    Search Manager (Missing Persons)
    Exercise Organiser.

  154. Hi All, Just like to say thank you to all the team members who assisted at the Sale Water Park incident. It was a very difficult incident with a good outcome in the end. Thanks once again to all the BMRT. From all at NWAS Manchester Control (Bellevue)

  155. i got a really exited phone call today off my mum saying she met one of your team, upon reading the artical about my mum (lorraine) and your staff member (Garry)i got a smile on my face i 18 and in the army and think the job you do is awsome, and if you can make my mum happy you better than i am ….lol…. after reading on to your history and other incidents i thought to my self that would be a good job to do as i already possess a lot of skills that i could bring to the team. any way just wanted to say cheers and i may see some of you in the future

  156. Congratulations to all who got their Long Service Certificates. To Bob and Janet on their Marriage, and to the team for some amazing sponsorship deals!! Hope to see you all in the New Year.

  157. im just pasin thru and thought i wud say thanx for all that you do as i have been in a situation wher mountain rescue had to come out n walk a group of us to safety in heavy snow and we were very greatful xxx

  158. Hi guys, just read the great article in MR News, very touching!! Glad to know I am remembered. Worried to hear VGR is having flying lessons – will the plane be labelled ‘top & bottom’, and fitted with an MR radio? Just a thought.
    Keep safe, and best wishes.
    LATEST NEWS on TL’s flying lessons. He has the new name of Captain DoDo – they too don’t get to take off !!! – Webmaster Dave

  159. As someone who loves the outdoors its great to know that, whilst i am always careful, if something should go wrong, there is someone who can help me. As one of your team members said, its a lifestyle. If i wasnt constantly moving to and from uni (i hate that place) i would love to get involved in an organisation like this. Good Luck for the coming year, and keep it up.

  160. Great to see the latest news and pictures on the site. Congratulations to all on the award from GMAS, it is great news, and greatly deserved!
    The new job is going well, and I have certainly been thrown in at the deep end, but loving every minute!

  161. Just like to thank Andy Ryding for teaching map and compass skills last Saturday at Turton Tower. I have learnt a lot from the day and look forward to using my new found skills on the local paths which are so overgrown I didn’t know they were there!! Thanks again.

  162. Nice to see you are all still very busy.
    I see the old man is still Team Leader, i wonder if he can run any faster. Keep up the great work i’m always checking the site.

  163. Just to wish everyone a happy easter, glad to here you’ve been busy without me around. Trust me, I would have been happier being there – you know the advert from the OZ tourist Board “where the bloody hell are you”, it should read “Oz, when the bloody hell are you going to open?” See you all soon and take care.

  164. just been on your website (very very good).can u please pass on my best wishes to gary rhodes & b hutchinson(i was a member in 1988/89,bob used to pick me up every week for training and gary was the team leader back then (god,he’s getting a bit old now, surely)please can u let me know if theres any t shirts,merchandise etc…all the very best to u all!

  165. It is 20 years ago since my brother William Marshall (28) was killed hangliding over the moors in Bolton. We never did get the chance to thank you for recovering his body. You all do a fantastic job and so many people have been helped by you all. From all his family we would like to say thank you for getting him back to us.

  166. greetings feelow MR members! as rescue station chairman for our local MR & Lifeboat team it was great to view your site – its very informative, and the gallery is excellent. keep up the good work, keep safe and i look forward to our paths crossing in the future!
    kind regards
    Paul David Watkins
    Severn Rescue – Wyre Forest Rescue Station Chairman, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, State Registered Paramedic, Operational Lifeboat Crewmember

  167. thank you all so much for the work you did on sat 4th march at rivington coming to the rescue of my daughter devon who came of her sledge an injured her back many thanks again you do such great work without you it could of been much worse.jackie widdall devons mum.

  168. I think that it’s absolutley amazing that volunteers want to help the Police and local emergency service.
    I am a very active person myself and love non-contact sports, first aid etc., etc. I might even join you when I’m older!
    Keep up the good work – Bury and Bolton need you!

  169. I was climbing at rivinggton in 1995 and a rock dislodged and fell on my shoulder.The rescue team were on a traing exercise at the time in the area we were, they quickly came when they saw what had happened and managed to get me back up the rock face and transfered me to hospital. I was lucky that they were there at the time and will never forget what they did. My husband and brother would not have been able to get me back up the face as easily as you guy’s did.

    Thanks Always

  170. just a line from a very brassed off team member. have broken my leg so am out of action for at least 6 weeks. Gutted we are expecting snow. hope you all have fun if it does (yeah right). hopefully may see you on the occasional weds night if anyon is passing my way. cheers for now ali g

  171. Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to the whole team, for a marvellous 12 years as a member. It was a very sad moment to hand all the kit, radio and pager back yesterday! I am totally lost without my little belt buddy! Sad but true!
    So thank you all for your friendship and support, as I have gone from an innocent (?) 17 year old to a ……. 29 year old! Look forward to seeing you all in the future, so long as I get through the next 12 months.
    Gods Blessing to the team, and the superb work.
    Mike Thomason

  172. Hello folks from Garry ( Team Leader ) Tony ( Chairman ) and Ken, with our trusty mechanic Frank and ex team member Ann. Its snowing hard at the moment, but we are bearing up well in this 4 Star Hotel, directly beneath the Eigernordwand. 11,333 feet yesterday on the Jungfraujoch, ( Roof of Europe )Railway to the top has given us an idea for something similar through Rivington Pike.

  173. Hi, I helped you out with a mock rescue, over 5 years back at wet Earth Colliery with Craig Lamb & Alan Davies.It was one Wedsnesday night, I was working up in the Lake District and came home for the day. The last time I saw someone was Garry at Leigh Police Station Open Day, Well done to all.

  174. Hi Folks in Bolton MRT and Support Group..!

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank-you all for one of the best and most interesting years of my life so far.

    Enjoying my time in the team and hope to keep helping you for some time to come.

    Happy Christmas and Great New-Year to all…!

  175. Well guys and girls, Merry Christmas. I understand from the weather reports its a bit of a damp day for you all, sorry but its 30C and Sunny here – but then it always is. So have a good day and I hope you dont get a call.

  176. i have always had an interest in outdoor activiies and want to volunteer with the local m.r.t.
    the website has fuelled this desire, being interesting&informative.

  177. As a founder member with the team in 1968 it is wonderful how the team as progressed
    into the profesional unit presented before us. The early begings of endless paper collections and begging for funds were all worth while and the training and dedication of those early pioneers was a great foundation to leave to such worthy members in the present team.My special regards to Seddon and General the old stalwarts(how do the spresent team like als snoring?

  178. I am the female mountain biker from your 30 October report! Just wanted to say thanks to the team for looking after me. Luckily there was no lasting damage to my face – very colourful bruising and a split eyebrow but it’s clearing up nicely. My wrist (scaphoid bone) is fractured though. had surgery to put a screw in it so it’s mobile already. But no biking for another 6 weeks so I’m not very happy!!

  179. very interesting visiting the web site. i will be in touch intially to help raise funds and who knows one day maybe apply for full team membership. Its something i have always been interseted in. helping others

  180. Many thanks to all those who attended the presentation I gave last night, regarding disclosure and note taking guidelines. I hope that the content was informative and useful to your membership. Your experiences and questions will be taken back to GMP for response, although I cannot guarantee the answers you might want!

    On behalf of GMP may I thank you for the continued support given to ourselves over many years.

  181. i like the look of your website, hope you settle in to ur new premises soon and i hope to be joining your team in the very near future. i am also going to be booking your team to come and give us a talk one tuesday night at our radcliffe division of st. john ambulance. see you all soon

  182. You think you’ve had lots of snow. We’ve just had to dig 14 miles to Aviemore.

    (Webmaster – this entry comes from our team members on their winter week in Scotland)

  183. I was involved in an accident on the m6 on the early hours of thursday 22nd july 2004 i would like to thank all the team involved for there great work.We are doing well. thanks again for everything.


  185. With big thanks to bolton mrt. My partner ady came off his sleigh and was isolated at rivington with our 3 children. He has a fracture to his lower back and was in extreme pain. Many thanks to all who assisted in getting him to safety and keeping him in good spirits.
    thanks from children josh, jess and tia for helping dad

  186. Once again may I thank you, the membership of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team for your help and assistance offered during the exercise recently. Each of the search managers present commented on the professionalism and enthusiasm exhibited by the team and their abilities in both planning and execution of tasks undertaken, most concluded with their thanks for your members giving up their own time to our advantage.

    This kind of training is invaluable to our managers who, by the very nature of police work, may not be able to turn out on ‘live’ searches even if they may wish to. Therefore the opportunity to practise their skills in a structured way within the scenario of an exercise coupled with a constructive debrief, including feedback from the team membership and leaders, is one they cannot afford to miss.

    Of course there was an opportunity for yourselves to give your own membership experience in roles that previously they may not have performed.

    Finally there was an opportunity for search managers to ‘show their face’ to a team or members they had not met or worked with previously, all of which bodes well for the future.

  187. hi everyone hope your ok i see your all doing a good job as usual .hopefully will see you out and about around rivington soon keep up the good work .photos are excellent on the site still like to have a good look through them just to see what your all upto.

  188. Great to see the team doing so well. I realy enjoyed my time with the team @97. Good to see some old names still there. You never know I might join up to bug you all again. Anyway, keep up the good work and the best of luck to you all.

  189. I would like to thank you for talking to the 2004 Police Cadets as it was very helpful and interesting the talk you gave us. It was nice to see you, and it was a shame you got a call. (Hope we helped as much as possible)

    Thank You Again.

  190. Hi. I used to be a member of BMRT in 1971(?)(with Pete Noble, Doug Shaw & Peter Noblet when MH was leader. I have got a few Newspaper cuttings from rescues at the time. I’ll swap them for a team badge! I never got one or my Heli-hensen jacket before I went to med school. I am now a Consultant Surgeon. My family are still in Bolton and I visit regularly. If you want some lectures on trauma and resussitation etc I would be pleased to help. I was a trauma surgeon for 12 months at a level 1 unit in the USA and I am an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons. It was great to find your website. Pleased that BMRT are still going!! Please get in touch

    Phill Burgess

  191. Excellent website. I’m impressed and thats coming from a Comp Sci, and we don’t admit to being impressed with much.

    Any chance of some photos of the new Ladybridge HQ after all the hard work went into it? I miss Overdale…

  192. Lisa and i would like to thank all at bolton m.r.t for inviting us to the opening of your new headquarters.It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in a small way with this milestone for bolton m.r.t
    best wishes for the future

  193. yesterday 20/3/04 you did a talk in wigan and i was there it was very intresting, all your equipment was intresting and the things you did were as well. i would like to say thank you very much and i hope you all are ok p.s. ste

  194. really enjoyed the lecture today. very interesting to see all the equipment used by the bmrt. best bit of the lecture testing the Entonox. thanks for a great afternoon from 1st hindley

  195. V Good website !
    Thanks for rescuing my wife from Rivington after her spinal fracture in 1996.Her recovery was full thanks to you. the only pain she gets now is when the car needs washing or the grass needs cutting or vacuuming……hmmm there’s a pattern here!! Keep up the good work. All the best John Garlick.

  196. A big Thank-You to everyone who helped to rescue me, in Rivington,on the 20th.August after my fall in Rivington. To all you guys who carried me to the Helicopter. To the couple who got supplies for my husband,who is diabetic. The two ladies who sent for BMRT and Air Ambulance and a special Thankyou to Mike for his assistance with my car and also bringing me home from Hospital. We would also like to thank Kay and Andy for their help in taking Stan home with the dog and then taking him to Preston Hospital.
    Many Thanks and we love your lively site.
    Phyllis and Stan

  197. Hi all, firstly may i say that i found the website interesting and informative an excellent job has been done. The team now look extremely proffesional as compared to when i was a member but we still did a very good job. The only names i recognise from the current team list are Geoff Seddon and Alan James so a special hello to those two. I hope the team continues to progress in the future as it obviously has done since i was in and that you still have time for some fun amidst all that training. Best regards John BMRT 1970/75

  198. Are you lot out to upset me with that little write up? We have had a great time, thanks for all the memories and we will see you all soon – you wont get rid of us the easily we may be back!

  199. Stumbled across your site by accident, but I must say it is very well written and informative – lots of interesting and relevant information

    Keep up the excellent work

  200. Thanks a lot for that talk at the scout hut. Everyone enjoyed it, I think. We realy appreciated all the hard work you put into it, and also giving up you time, for a bunch of scouts.
    Thanks a lot!

  201. Hi guys and girls exellent web site,very upmarket and bubbly. I had a good night at the Town Hall, I enjoyed the presentations and the photographs, Oh and dont forget the biscuits and tea Keep up the excellent work and I hope to see you all soon.

    Kind Regards Ian Middleton GMAS

  202. This is an excellent site. Reading the site gives the impression of high spirits and enthusiasm – the site has a buzz about it, from my experience this is the reality of the team as well, keep up the good work, hope to see you all again soon.

    PS Thanks for the plaque you presented on the 5th March, I was quite taken-a-back, its now mounted on the wall at Ambulance HQ

  203. good to see the team website on the web. was in roybridge scotland with some members of kendal team and had to bring your site up as an ex member from 1989ish. just to show them they dont have a link to your site.hope your all well take care
    stuart well

  204. Great site lads you have come a long way from the early years, I was a team member from 1970 to approx late 80’s. A lot of hard graft has gone into making the team so professionl. Well done!

  205. First may I say a very belated thank you to those team members who gave up there time on the 10 August to show Geoff Sharp and myself around the team equipment and explain the way the organisation has developed over the years. If we had been told in the 70’s that BMRT would develop in the way that it has, I would have said lay off the Malt. To see the team and the technology of today makes me very proud to have been part of the formative years. All the best of good fortune in the future.

  206. I am ruths husband paul.I wanted to thank all of your people for the help you gave ruth during her accident.She continues good recovery although i know she finds it frustrating.Time heals.Please call on us if your ever our way.I have a well stocked wine cellar and your welcom to a bevy anytime.Best regards…Paul.

  207. It seems that, finally, more team members are getting their names in the press. First Paul Jorgensen is interviewed about team operations and then Dave Marsh, currently hogging the limelight on the website with two excellant ‘finds’ by Chi, ends up being quoted in the New Zealand Herald of all places. Surely no-one can beat this antipodean discourse on the merits or otherwise of MTB courses and their effect on cycle racers. Whatever next?

    Seriously , this much exposure can do us no harm. Keep up the good work on the Commonwealth Games, only one more event and another 50.000 spectators to impress and we can all have a rest!

  208. John Carlin who worked as a volunteer with Kananaskis head office in Canmore Alberta, Canada told me many faciniating stories about his experiences and I am impressed with the work you do out there. Especially impressed with action of July 21,2002. Well done!!!

  209. Good site, but not enough pictures of my brother ( EDDY ) in all the dangerous places and situations he tells me he finds himself.Only kidding mate, keep up the good work. James

  210. Nice to see the team still up and running strong. Not many pics in the photo album, I ve got loads from my time if you want???
    Gary still calling the shots, bet every thing has a label!!!



  212. Nice web site! I am an ex team member and I have some very INTERESTING pictures of your illustrious team leader. Without much persuasion will be willing to post them to the web site. Also have other photos of a surf trip to the conference and Tony Jones in surfer shorts (or would that ruin the team image Garry?)

  213. Good to see the Team dragged into the twenty-first century – what does General think this about the effect on “Team image” ???

    Also good to see so many familiar names still in the membership list.

    Good luck, hope all continues to go well.