Our Team

The Team has around 50 Operational callout members, men and women, all available for callout 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to venture out no matter what the weather.

The members are all volunteers. Those who are not retired come from a number of professions and occupations.

The age range of the membership currently spans from mid 20’s through to 70+. All are active outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, including hill walkers, climbers, mountaineers, mountain bikers, white water kayakers and skiers.

Training in the Team allows us to build on all our experiences and opportunities also exist for all members to attend specialist regional and national training courses in specific aspects of mountain Search and Rescue, as well as training opportunities offered to members by our colleagues in the Fire, Police, Ambulance, Air Ambulance, and Military search & rescue services.

Specialised units within the team are equipped with additional PPE according to their role – for example, the water and flood Search & Rescue Team, and the Line (rope) Rescue Team.

Every team member has a radio operating on the UK SAR Mountain Rescue frequencies, enabling contact with other MRTs and SAR helicopters. All of our vehicles, incident control vehicle, and Ladybridge base are also equipped with radios on these frequencies.