Operational Team

Team members as expected to attend weekly Wednesday evening training, alongside occasional Saturday & Sunday training sessions.

Indoor sessions take place at our Base/Headquarters, outdoor sessions are organized in a variety of different environments and situations, taking place regardless of the weather conditions prevalent on the evening. Regular full day training exercises on weekends consolidate evening training sessions.

We could not do this without you…

We are always looking to undertake more and more realistic training, Operation Dark Knight, at 01:30am on a closed section of the M62, on a cold Saturday night is a testament to this. There is only so much you can do in a classroom.

We have to therefore say a resounding Thank You and acknowledge the support of all the landowners and tenant farmers who readily allow us to exercise on their land, with particular thanks to United Utilities, their staff, and Bolton, Salford, and Bury Countryside Ranger Services.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of our many friends and colleagues in the Fire, Police, Ambulance, HM Coastguard and hospitals who contribute to provide us with professional training.

We must not forget the many people, young and old, who so willingly volunteer (often in extremes of weather) to act out the role of casualties, on our Wednesday night exercises, which adds significantly to the realism of the scenarios.

Not last by any means, but placed here to stand out the most, our significant others, for putting up with the 02:00 alarm going off and falling over the dog while genuinely trying to be as quiet as possible getting ready for a call out. And for waking you when we return, soaked to the core, and just needing a talk.