Incident 96/2013

This afternoon at circa 14.00hrs our specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson (A member of SARDA Wales) was contacted for his assistance with an on going search operation in the Barrow area of South Cumbria for a missing 24 years old man.

As reported in the media and by Cumbria Police, the man had last been seen on Saturday evening, 28th September, leaving a party in the Barrow area at 22.00hrs.

The focus of the Police search operation centred around the Jubilee Bridge area of Walney Channel.

Steve with his Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Boris, journeyed to the search area with Bolton MRT team member Elaine Gilliland, who very regularly acts in the role of navigator to Steve and Boris, when deployed on searches.

After arriving at circa 17.30hrs at the search RVP at Barrow Coastguard Station, Steve, Boris and Elaine in the company of a SARDA (Lakes) Dog Handler, commenced a search around 18.00hrs, finishing at 19.00hrs, shortly after which Steve, Boris and Elaine all departed back for home, arriving at 21.30hrs.

The following resource’s were understood to have been deployed to todays search;

Cumbria Police, a helicopter from the National Police Air Service, Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team, SARDA (Lakes), a Lifeboat from RNLI Barrow, Coastguard Search teams, local volunteers and Steve, Boris and Elaine.

UPDATE; As of Tuesday morning, 1st October 2013, the search operation and Police enquiries are continuing into the whereabouts of this missing man.