Incident 10/2013

As part of a current on going search operation by GMP (As this report is written) to locate Michael Simpson, aged 22, who went missing after a New Years Eve party on Stockport Road West, Bredbury, this morning our specialist Trail Search Dog Boris and his handler, Bolton MRT team member Steve Nelson (SARDA Wales), were called out at 10.30hrs to assist in the search operation.

Steve and Boris were joined by Bolton MRT Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, who was acting as the ‘navigator for Steve.

After going mobile at 10.40hrs, they arrived at the search RVP in the vicinity of Pear Mill Industrial Estate, Lower Bredbury, Stockport, at 12.10hrs.

They joined a search operation also including two air scenting search dogs from SARDA England, Handler Mick Nield and Search Dog Bob from Oldham MRT and Handler Paul Taylor and Search Dog Toby from Glossop MRT.

All three Search Dog teams worked in co-operation with GMP Officers including Police Missing Person Search Managers, Tactical Aid Unit resources and the North West (Police) Underwater Search and Marine Unit.

Steve, Elaine and Boris were tasked to search around the margins of the River Goyt in the vicinity of Pear Mill Industrial Estate.

Their part in the search concluded at circa 15.20hrs, with all three returning home by 16.00hrs.

As of Saturday 5th January this search enquiry was continuing with GMP utilising the services of Kinder MRT (32x members) and 7x Swiftwater Rescue Technicians from Woodhead MRt and Glossop MRT.

The disappearance of Michael Simpson has generated considerable publicity and numerous appeals via social media, the press, radio and regional television.