Bolton Evening News Letters page

On Friday 9th December 2005, the Bolton Evening News ran an excellent full colour, centre page spread, which has generated much interest in the work of the team. (see, for example, our Guest Book, for a comment from an ex-team member – and a founder one at that!)

Arising from this article, a fantastic letter of support for the team was published in the same newspaper today, coming from Bolton CHA Rambling Club members who had #article#1016#attended a recent exercise# with the team, acting the role of exercise casualties. Their letter praised the work of the team and our dedication not only to rescues, but also to training “on cold, dark evenings – honing their skills on the moors around Bolton when other people are warm and snug in front of their TVs. “

As a complete surprise to us, their letter goes on to state that profits from their Centenary Year events will be donated to the team, adding ” We are privileged to have this dedicated group of people ready to assist us should an emergency arise. ” Such high praise indeed, so thanks for such comments to our friends at Bolton CHA Rambling Club.