Moving to our current Home

2003 was the year that we lost our much-loved home at the New Overdale Youth Training Centre, as well as the vehicle storage at the former Carnaud Metal Box (CMB) factory in Westhoughton.

Moving Day – New Overdale

The New Overdale base consisted of a single garage, just large enough to fit a fully kitted out Land Rover and had been our home for near 32 years since 1971. Many of our Team members regarded it as their second (or first) home! Nothing remains static as the site had been re-developed.

The former CMB factory had served as a vehicle storage facility for three of our vehicles for many years, and the security staff had put up with our comings and goings at all times of the day and night! Sadly, the factory was scheduled for closure.

Within the space of a few months, we were faced with not only the loss of our training base but also with nowhere to store our four vehicles!

Fortunately, the reality of homelessness never struck. Thanks to our recently-established links with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, and the long-standing relationship with the Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, we were offered two new homes. The first came from GMFRS, in the form of a two-bay garage at Bolton Central Fire Station.

The second offer, from GMAS, gave us not only a place to garage our two other vehicles but also offered an excellent training/base prospect, which we duly constructed. This became our current Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ.

The first view of our new two bay garage.

Being our main HQ we wanted to fit this out to also allow visits and lectures to be undertaken.