Team Leaders & Officers

Team Officers

Team LeaderChris Greenhalgh
Deputy Team LeaderMike Marsh
Support Group Team LeaderBryan Carr
ChairChris Lomas
Fundraising OfficerAndrew Manning
Training OfficerDan Woodman
TreasurerMartin Banks
SecretaryPaul Brain
Marketing OfficerRichard Howard
Equipment Officer (Communication & Lighting)Steven Fletcher
Equipment Officer (HQ & Catering)Steve James
Equipment Officer (Medical)
Equipment Officer (Stretchers and Ropes)Nigel Booth
Equipment Officer (Vehicles)Bob Walker
Equipment Officer (Water)Tony Dawson
PresidentBob Hutchinson
Life Vice PresidentsTony McNally, Ann Shaw, Geoff Seddon
Vice PresidentsFrank Hulton
AuditorsHML Davies

Team Leaders

Team Leaders of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team since it was founded in 1968:

Michael Hope-AinscoughTeam Controller1968-1969
Mike MarshallTeam Leader1968 to early 1969*6 months
Derek MottersheadTeam LeaderEarly 1969 to 13/09/1973*4 years
Geoff SeddonTeam Leader13/09/1973 to 13/03/19817 years 6 months
Bob HutchinsonTeam Leader13/03/1981 to 12/03/19832 years
Howard HillTeam Leader12/03/1983 to 11/03/19896 years
Garry RhodesTeam Leader11/03/1989 to 16/03/201627 years
Alistair GreenoughTeam Leader16/03/2016 to 20/03/20182 years
Steve FletcherTeam Leader20/03/2018 to 08/03/20235 years
Chris GreenhalghTeam Leader08/03/2023 to present

*These exact dates are unknown – can any of our readership help?